#Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble (The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius): First Impression

#Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble (The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius): First Impression » OmniGeekEmpire

I won’t lie to you, I’ve been enjoying reading random manga and manhwa as of late. Today I want to recommend this manhwa that I stumbled across called Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble or The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius, as I’m not sure which title is the official one.

Irene Perreira is a boy who sleeps to run away from reality. People mocked him, calling him a ‘deadbeat’, but he had no wish to change. Until one day, he dreamt of a swordsman… It was a dream about a talentless man who had been training by swinging his sword for decades.

Yeah, that the gist of the story. Basically, the main guy became a shut-in after his mother passed away. However, after having a dream about a swordsman who spent his whole life swinging a sword, he got the motivation to start working hard. That’s what caught my interest. In the first few pages, we followed the narration of a random village guy. This would consistently comment and tell us bout the nameless swordsman and his determination to not miss a day swinging his sword. That premise made me interested to see how long the guy would keep this up, and before I knew it, I’d watched some random guy live out his entire life. The man lived by the sword and died by the sword. However, that’s when we learn it’s all a dream of a prince.

The story is pretty interesting and kinda wholesome in a way. It’s about a guy who literally had a wake-up call, and is determined to make a difference in his life. Determined to be like the guy in his dream, that felt a little too real for him Quite motivational if you ask me. The cast of characters is kinda interesting, predictable in their behavior but still interesting enough that the writer could take them in a different direction.

Overall, if you’re looking for a light read about a guy improving his life after 15 years of being a loser, then check it out. I think it’s an isekai but it’s still too early to call it. I wanna believe the guy just got his shit together. Also, if you found a new manga, manhwa or comic that’s new and worth checking out, let me know!

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