#22 of the very best gifts for coffee lovers, from the surprising to the delightful

If there’s one thing coffee lovers hate, it’s gadgets and accessories that they’ll never actually use. I should know, because as a self-described coffee lover I’ve written extensively about the coffee accessories that make enjoying a cup of coffee even better, like the small espresso machine that packs a powerful punch and the smart heated coffee mug that I like to use on leisurely mornings.

So when you’re thinking about what gift to buy the coffee lover in your life, think outside the box for unique and luxurious gifts that will surprise and delight them. After all, they probably have enough coffee mugs already and probably don’t need to add another one to their collection.

From the coffee candy spotted in a K-drama, to the heavyweight coffee scoops that be used “as a projectile to deter crime,” according to one reviewer, there’s no shortage of enjoyable gifts out there for coffee lovers. I’ve even included a few favorites like the Italian chocolate that pairs nicely with a strong espresso and a croissant lamp for those who prefer their morning caffeine with a side of pastry.


Kopiko is an Indonesian coffee candy that’s popular among coffee drinkers who want to enjoy the flavor of coffee without the trouble of preparing a cup. It has a distinct combination of actual coffee bean extracts and milk that has made it a popular confectionary around the world. And yes, they do have caffeine — about three or four of the candies has about the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso. 

Amazon reviewers give it 4.7-stars. One five-star reviewer has this to say: “I’ve been seeing this brand coffee candy in a lot of K-dramas so wanted to give it try and WOW it is so good now I am hooked into this thing. It’s also very convenient when you don’t have time to make coffee or drink it it’s easy on the go just anywhere. I keep some in my purse and at work.” 

$5 at Amazon

Apace Living

For when a plain kitchen spoon simply won’t do. If they’re extremely particular about how they make their morning cup of coffee, give them a gift that’ll elevate the process. These Apace coffee scoops aren’t your average coffee scoops. They’re made of heavy and durable stainless steel and are designed for a comfortable grip that allows you to scoop exactly 2 tablespoons of coffee, sugar, tea or more. It even includes a curved thumb loop for your scooping pleasure. 

Reviewers give it a 4.8-star rating, and one five-star reviewer had this to say: “This thing is heavy, built to last and is a beast. Whether you are scooping coffee, protein, or using it as a projectile to deter crime, this spoon rocks!!”

Choose from a pair of gold, bronze or silver scoops.

$14 at Amazon


Create cold brew easily at home with this cold brew coffee infuser. It’s an airtight pitcher that produces four servings of smooth cold brew from any type of coffee grounds. The end result is a less acidic sipper than traditional coffee brewing. It comes with a fine mesh filter that prevents grounds from steeping into your brew, but can easily be cleaned and reused for your new brewing session. 

$28 at Amazon

Atlas Coffee Club

This World Of Coffee sampler from Atlas Coffee Club is a great way to gift fancy coffees to a coffee lover, without the commitment to a subscription plan. This sampler pack includes four of the brand’s best single origin coffees.

I received a gift of Atlas Coffee a few years ago and loved being able to try different brews from around the world. As a self-described coffee lover, I found it to be a useful gift and fun gift — one that’s sure to get used up in a coffee-drinking household.

Of course, if your giftee ends up loving a brew in particular, they can sign up for an Atlas Coffee Club subscription where they’ll receive new and flavorful coffees from around the world each month.

$30 at Amazon

Shaker & Spoon

A perfect gift for the espresso martini lover in your life. This cocktail syrup is packed with the rich flavor of espresso and the sweetness of demerara sugar. It’s also great for non-alcoholic cocktails for sober curious individuals who still want to enjoy a delicious drink. One reviewer even recommends trying it in milkshakes!

$27 at Amazon


I recently discovered this chocolate on a trip to Italy — though it’s very easy to find around the U.S. too, I’ve since learned.

Venchi’s Pistachio Cremino bar is made with alternating layers of that creamy gianduja and delicate, lightly salted pistachio cream spread — a truly Italian flavor. It pairs nicely with a strong Italian espresso. The result is a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that has a silky, soft texture and isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It’s an intoxicating treat for those who know they love the flavors of chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut. 

$11 at Amazon


Coffee lovers famously don’t drink enough water. You can be sure they’re drinking enough water when they have one of these Stanley Quencher insulated mugs. These 40-ounce containers come in 20 different stylish colors, and come with a lid and straw. Reviewers say that it’s “worth the money,” making it Amazon’s no. 1 best-seller in the home and kitchen category.

$45 at Amazon


Because sometimes a cup of coffee isn’t enough to tackle those dark circles and under eye bags. This caffeine eye cream from Kiehl’s is formulated with caffeine, vitamin B3 and menthol to tackle dark circles and tired, puffy eyes. The caffeine restricts blood vessels to reduce the appearance of puffiness while vitamin B3 rejuvenates the skin. Menthol provides a gentle cooling sensation that helps wake you up.

$29 at Amazon

Neiman Marcus

Bring the smell of their favorite coffee shop to them with this limited-edition DIPTYQUE candle fragrances with the authentic aromas of an espresso from Café Verlet, the oldest Parisian coffee company still in operation. Oui, oui!

$78 at Neiman Marcus


Prized beans deserve a special display. This cut glass airtight canister will keep whole beans or ground coffee fresh, while looking stylish on a countertop or shelf. Create an entire coffee bar set up by choosing from different sizes and styles for tea, sugar, flour and more dry goods to keep accessible.

$13 at Amazon


If they don’t already own an espresso machine, this is a solid beginner option. We dubbed it our most versatile pick in our guide to the best single-serve coffee makers of the year because it can brew Nespresso pods and regular ground coffee. It even comes with an Aeroccino milk frother so you can make lattes and cappuccinos.

$140 at Amazon


Make an espresso martini at home instantly with this drink mixer kit. Just add vodka, water and ice for a convincing cocktail (or mocktail) at home. This kit includes mixer sachets for 12 drinks, and reviewers say they’re convenient and delicious.

$17 at Amazon


If he doesn’t own one of these already, odds are his dad or grandpa does. This classic Stanley thermos is designed to last a lifetime (or two!) thanks to its high-quality stainless steel design. It maintains temperatures for several hours, making it a favorite among hunters, hikers and fishermen. The lid doubles as a bowl or cup, so it’s great for keeping hot liquids like soup or coffee warm for hours.

$25 at Amazon

Tony’s Chocolonely

Coffee and chocolate are a classic combination, and Tony’s Chocolonely is some of the best chocolate you can gift a chocolate lover — especially if they like a variety of flavors. This pack includes some of the brand’s best-selling flavors: milk, dark, nougat, caramel, hazelnut, and almond and sea salt flavors.

$17 at Amazon


She loves croissants with her coffee, you say? How about giving her a croissant that will last forever. This lamp is made of a real croissant — yes, real! — that’s been dipped in resin and retrofitted with electrical innards to turn it into a battery-operated lamp. It’s made by a one-time Japanese baker who designed it using unsold bread from bakeries in Kobe. I’ve owned one of these cute lamps for years, and it’s still one of the best joy triggers in my home. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for guests who are delighted to learn it’s made of a real croissant!

$88 at Catbird


And for the espresso martini lover again, a set of true coupe cocktail glasses for making their own espresso martinis at home. These ones are dishwasher safe. 

$20 at Wayfair

Trade Coffee

For a gift you know they’ll use, we recommend Trade Coffee’s gift subscription. Choose from 2-, 3- 6-, 9-, 12- or 24-bag subscriptions for brews from some of the nation’s best coffee brands. We recommend the 3-bag plan, which allows your giftee to choose their preferred frequency of delivery for their grounds. Each delivery includes freshly roasted coffee that’s personalized based on their unique tastes, so they’ll always receive a blend they’re guaranteed to love.

$60 at Trade Coffee


For the coffee lover who really hates when their cuppa goes cold, the Ember temperature-control mug is a no brainer. I’m a long-time owner of the original Ember mug (this is the model No. 2) and I love it because it prevents me from having to heat up my drink over and over when I’m having a leisurely morning. 

In fact, we ranked this as one of our best heated coffee mugs of the year because it’s “the self-heating mug that made me fall in love with self-heating mugs,” according to our tester Rick Broida. 

The charging base keeps your drink warm to your preferred temperature for up to 80 minutes. It comes with an app where you can set temperature preferences, make presets and more. The charging base also works without an app and remembers your last preference settings.

$120 at Amazon


They might already own an espresso machine, but do they have an espresso knock box? Use this handy contraption to quickly remove the espresso puck (i.e. those compressed, used up grounds) from the portafilter after brewing. Most hardcore espresso drinkers will already own one of these, but if they don’t, it’ll make their day to have a handy gadget for making clean up more efficient. 

$30 at Amazon


If they’re a serious coffee drinker, they probably already own a good electric kettle. But if they’re still heating up water on the stove for their French press, it’s time to bring them into the 21st century with an electric kettle like this one from COSORI. It’s easy to use one-handed, with a button to pop the lid to fill it up. It lights up while heating up, and once the kettle hits boiling point, the light flips off to let you know it’s ready to use. 

$28 at Amazon


Devout coffee lovers probably already own a nice coffee maker and have preferred beans for brewing. But what they might not own is a really fancy coffee grinder, like this Fellow Ode Brew Grinder. It’s an extremely precise home burr grinder with the power of one you might see behind a cafe bar. It’s a compact size that’s also quiet. Plus, it has 31 grind settings and 64-millimeter professional-grade flat burrs so he can grind up the perfect beans for his favorite Aeropress, pour-over, French press or cold brew, no matter how they likes their coffee. If all of that’s a bit over your head, just trust us — extremely enthusiastic coffee lovers will be over the moon for this grinder. 

$355 at Fellow


Family and friends know that I’ve long been a fan of Breville’s smallest espresso machine, the Bambino, due to its ability to pull a quality espresso shot in a compact size without sacrificing taste. Not only is it easy to use, but it includes single and double-shot features. There’s even an automatic steam wand for milk texturing — though you can use it manually if you’re feeling fancy. Pair it with some cute espresso cups, and you’ve got a gift they’ll use for a very, very long time to come.

$499 at Amazon

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