#Naomi Biden shouldn’t have had to testify against father, juror says

One of the jurors who voted to convict Hunter Biden on gun charges Tuesday said he felt bad for Naomi Biden, who was called to testify on her father’s behalf.

“I think that was a bad mistake for them to put her on the stand,” the male juror, No. 10, said in a CNN interview after the verdict was read in a federal courtroom in Delaware. “No daughter should ever have to testify against her dad.”

Naomi Biden, 30, testified Friday as a defense witness that her father seemed be getting better around the time he bought the gun.

“He seemed great. He seemed hopeful,” she said of a meeting with her father while he was seeking treatment a California rehab facility.

She also told jurors she didn’t see any evidence of drug use when she borrowed her father’s truck around that time.

The juror, who CNN did not identify, said Naomi Biden’s testimony “did not impact our decision that much.” 

After three hours of deliberations, the jury convicted Hunter Biden, President Biden’s 54-year-old son, of knowingly lying on documents to obtain a firearm in 2018. Hunter Biden has been open about his history of drug addition, but he reported on the gun-purchase form that he was not illegally using or addicted to drugs at the time.

The president did not attend the trial, but first lady Jill Biden appeared multiple days to support her stepson. President Biden is expected to now make a trip to Delaware in the wake of the conviction.

The juror said he thought it was wise that Hunter Biden didn’t take the stand in his trial. 

“I didn’t think it would be a good idea for him to testify in his own defense,” he said.

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