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#11 Controversial Moments in Anime History

#11 Controversial Moments in Anime History

We’ve talked about controversy in the anime industry before, but there are also controversies inside the individual anime series themselves that had fans livid. Their blood boiled as things did not go the way they pleased, or what logic dictated. Sometimes the very content of the show itself served to enrage.

The Nice Boat Incident in School Days

School Days is a journey of a boy that loses that v-card, gets a taste for it, and sleeps with everything that moves. In the end, brutal retribution is dispensed, but it proved too brutal for the time. Following an actual IRL violent incident in Japan, the final episode was pulled unexpectedly and replaced with music, scenery, and one nice boat. Fans were, understandably, confused. It was showed later, but still to this day, you will see this now meme from time to time.

Subaru Declines Rem in Re: Zero

Despite the fact that the show made very clear that Emilia would be the object of Subaru’s affections, somewhere along the line the fans fell in love with the bestest of girls, the maid Rem. Suddenly there grew a hope that he would choose her, and when he did not, the internet was widely displeased. Of course, these flames were likely fanned by fans like me who said Emilia was clearly going to be the main girl.

Kayo Marries Someone Else in Erased

In Erased, most of the series is based around Satoru trying to save and becoming friends with an abused young girl, Kayo. At a certain point, he becomes indisposed and in the future it is revealed that she married one of his other friends. That and the disappointing ending caused small pockets of nerd rage. Certainly Kayo should not have had to wait for him like a dutiful doorpost, but fans were somewhat perplexed by sudden veer away from what was seen as the main ship.

Goblin Slayer’s First Episode

It is still a recent enough memory, but when Goblin Slayer first aired, its first episode was brutal. It featured a violent slaying of an adventurer party and the sexual assault of one member by goblins. The rest of the show was rather tame by comparison, but the first episode and its controversy seemed to push a lot of curious fans to the series.

Kodomo no Jikan, Just All of It


It is an anime series about a third grader trying to seduce her teacher and has all the uncomfortable lewdness you never wanted. It’s an anime you don’t want people to know that you have watched. It is much akin to Boku no Pico that people recommend to their friends to razzle them.

Akito’s Gender in Fruits Basket


Akito is initially introduced to be a man that has been forced to bear the weight of the family’s curse, which has affected their health. However, it is later revealed that he was in fact a she. Initially, some found Akito a solid character whose actions were shaped by their duty. However, when her real back story is revealed, it told a vastly different story that had fans upset.

Shinji Jerking it to Asuka in End of Evangelion

It is something you never forget if you watch the End of Evangelion. The movie starts with Shinji jerking off to Asuka whose is in a coma. It is shocking, as is much of the later half of Evangelion. It is also said that this is meta commentary by Anno to the NGE fan base that he frequently hates on, which I find hilarious.

The Tooth Brushing Scene in Nisemonogatari

Perhaps the most uncomfortable moment of tooth care you will ever experience. The whole see is pretty much an allusion to oral sex and it is just so visceral. Most fans found it pretty funny, but others were pretty uncomfortable.

The Endless Eight in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya light novel

Eight episodes, all the same episode, all right in a row. It is madness and fans were right to be mad about it. It is said that the endless eight killed the series, though. That is the only shame of it.

Nina and Her Table in Code Geass

Code Geass, during its time, had some moments of controversy. One of the initial ones was Nina looking at a picture of her beloved princess and getting it on with a table. It isn’t graphic, but it is still pretty shocking considering how nonsexual the show had been previously. It is told Code Geass lost a few sponsors after that one.

Oreimo’s Ending

oreimo animes

You would think fans would be mentally prepared for the ultimate ending of a show called “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute,” right? Well, they weren’t. The show ended in a shocking way to many of the fans that greatly displeased them. It has tainted the show forever for the people who, somehow were not expecting it.

Do you have any more controversial moments in anime history? Add them to the list in the comments section below.


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