#French restaurant coordinates its menu with lunar cycles

#French restaurant coordinates its menu with lunar cycles

By Michael Hollan, Fox News

June 26, 2020 | 10:08am

Let the moon decide what your next meal will be.

A popular restaurant in Paris is using the lunar cycle to determine what food to serve, something he said was inspired by practices he already uses in his own garden.

Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur restaurant is the first foreign-born head chef to earn three stars in the Michelin guide in France, Yahoo News reported.

Colagreco told the outlet: “During the lockdown, I worked a lot in the garden. It allowed me to work out all my worries and to really be in contact with the earth.”

When it came time to reopen his restaurant on June 12, the chef decided to base his menus on flowers, fruit, leaves and roots all linked to the lunar cycle.

Colagreco in the
Colagreco in the “Mirazur” restaurant.Getty Images

“I began to question a lot of things,” he explained. “The way we work, the way society is developing and the way we produce and consume. We wanted to shake that equation and to say that the garden was part of the restaurant and the restaurant was part of the garden.”

He continued: “A lot of what we do is biodynamic. For example, when we sow spinach we do it on a leaf day (when the moon is rising) because there will be a bigger concentration of energy on that part of the plant.”

Colagreco walks in the vegetable garden of the
Colagreco walks in the vegetable garden of the “Mirazur” restaurant.Getty Images

For example, days that the moon is in any of the air signs are called flower days. On those days, he would serve something like shrimps with rose petals, rhubarb and almond milk.

The chef said he sees this as a way to help bring his customers into more direct contact with nature.


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