#Where To NOT Buy A PlayStation 5 (PS5) – Scammers List

#Where To NOT Buy A PlayStation 5 (PS5) – Scammers List

The PS5 has become the most wanted and scarce product of Late 2020. The supply is extremely low while the demand is tremendous. Taking the advantage of that, many individuals and groups have created fake websites and accounts to scam desperate people.

I understand, getting a PS5 is really difficult right now. With all those random drops with no prior information, at strange times of the day, it’s frustrating. And unless you’re a zombie (like I am) sitting in front of your computer for the entire 24-hours, you are bound to miss a PS5 sale, period.

That doesn’t mean you’ll pay scalpers $1000 for a $500 console. Or even worse, visit these scam websites and try to secure one out of desperation.

Many of these websites are launched very recently and they pretend to have the PS5 in stock. They’ll take your payment and then ghost you. Not just websites, there are individuals, groups, and a lot of Instagram pages.

You must buy the PS5 only from Sony’s official website, or authorized and trusted retailers. Say, Walmart, Target, or even Kohl’s for the matter. But a GamesX200Free? Please skip it.

Here are some of the sources you should NEVER buy a PS5 from. The list was generated, thanks to our Twitter community that’s constantly active and helping each other secure a PS5.

  • Facebook Marketplace – Be Careful of the sellers
  • eBay – Be Careful of the sellers
  • OfferUp – Be Careful of the sellers
  • Craiglist – Be Careful of the sellers
  • Shop Judah
  • FunGamesDay
  • Gaming City Universal
  • MagicGamesShop
  • Mercari – Be Careful of the sellers
  • MattyPlus
  • IndsGames
  • Computer Mill (Not scam, but doubtful)
  • TechInn (Not scam, but doubtful)
  • IoGameTV
  • PSGameBoy
  • PlaysProShops
  • GamesPlaysINC
  • PSGameSpace
  • Instagram – 248Luxury
  • Instagram – ReliableConnects
  • Twitter – @ps5retailer
  • Anyone who offers Zelle or Cash App as payment methods

If you know any more, comment down below and we’ll update the list.

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  1. I paid £ 401.00 for Playstation 5 Digital console on 03/11/21 but never received my order, the phone lines are not answered and the emails receive no reply.
    The company was Advance dive electronic Limited and there website is

  2. blev snydt af Techinn købte en PS5 Standard Edition den 29/1 2021 men modtog Aldrig min PS5 efter at leveringsdatoen var blevet udsat flere gange oprindelig leveringsdato d. 15-16/3 derefter udsat til d.1/4 og så derefter igen udsat til d.15-16/4 og så efterfølgende igen udsat til d.1/6 så blev jeg mistænksom efter dette og fandt ud af at Techinn var en FIDUS så køb for guds skyld ikke fra Techinn da man Aldrig modtager sin vare og ikke får sine penge retur så hold jer langt væk fra Techinn

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