#Want Action Buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? This Aramid Fiber case gives you three extra buttons

Most smartphone cases just act as a protective cover for your device, or an intermediary hub for attaching accessories. PITAKA’s new PinButton Case actually gives your smartphone new features. With three extra buttons on the left edge, the PinButton Case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra gives you three ‘Action Buttons’ that open apps or trigger features, allowing you to press buttons instead of scroll, minimize, swipe, and open apps from an app tray. Better still, the PinButton Case also comes with MagSafe compatibility, turning your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra into a better version of itself with features that would make Apple fanboys rather jealous!

Designer: PITAKA

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A protective Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe case with PinButtons

The PinButton Case is the logical next step for Pitaka’s case-making efforts. While the company has perfected the art of building some spectacularly beautiful MagEZ cases for both iOS and Android devices (with a glue-free Amber Magnet Film on the inside and patented woven Aramid fibers on the outside), the PinButton Case comes as the evolutionary upgrade to those cases. The PinButton sports a TPU bumper that cushions your phone from accidental drops, but upgrades the back with a woven Aramid fiber plate that’s 5X stronger than steel and can withstand impact and scratches without letting your phone face the brunt of the damage. A luxurious Nappa leather interior cushions the S24 Ultra’s glass back, keeping it scratch or crack-free. In between the two sits an array of magnets that gives your S24 Ultra MagSafe compatibility, allowing you to use a slew of third-party accessories or even PITAKA’s own MagEZ accessories with your phone.

Customized PinButtons for quick access to preset apps.

The crown jewel, however, has to be the actual buttons on the PinButton Case. Most phones come with 3 buttons – 2 for volume control, and 1 for standby mode… but the PinButton Case gives your phone a total of 6 buttons. These three extra buttons sit on the left edge of the phone, relying on NFC technology to function. Working just like the Action Button does on the latest iPhones, these three buttons are programmed to trigger any app, tool, or routine you choose, giving you a whole host of possibilities. You can use the buttons to work smart home features, open the music app or your favorite playlist, activate Silent or Do Not Disturb, work as a camera shutter button, or even serve as a shortcut to your favorite app like Maps, TikTok, or WhatsApp.

These ‘PinButtons’ can be customized right in the S24 Ultra’s Settings app. Set up an NFC shortcut or routine, and then press any of the PinButtons to assign the shortcut to that button. Setting up all the buttons takes under a minute, but saves so much time by eliminating the need to minimize apps, scroll through app trays, or switch between two active apps. In fact, the PinButtons even work faster than the iPhone’s own Action Button, which needs to be long-pressed to work.

Most people slap a case on their phone just as a protective measure… but the concept of adding a case that brings extra features to your phone just feels low-key incredible. More so, PITAKA’s had a long history building cutting-edge cases, so the PinButton Case is no different, providing stellar physical protection to your smartphone from drops, bumps, scratches, or any impact-based damage. Subtle lips on your screen as well as camera lenses give them a layer of added protection, and that gorgeous woven Aramid fiber back looks positively luxurious, while bringing space-grade durability to your device. An inclusion of a super-slim magnet array within the case means your Galaxy S24 Ultra can be used in tandem with all of Pitaka’s MagEZ accessories (as well as other MagSafe-compatible products), whether it’s a power bank, a wallet, or a car mount. If you do attach your phone to a car mount frequently, we recommend assigning one of the PinButtons to either Maps or Waze for quick access, with the other linked to Spotify for your favorite car playlist. The third one’s up to you, although if you really want to piss off Apple-lovers, turn it into a camera shutter so when the iPhone 16 with the Capture Button drops, you can say – Android (or PITAKA) did it first!

Click Here to Buy Now: $63 $69.99 (Use Coupon Code “YD10%OFF” to get 10% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!


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