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#The Wretched Crosses $1M Box Office Milestone Playing Mostly at Drive-In Theaters

#The Wretched Crosses $1M Box Office Milestone Playing Mostly at Drive-In Theaters

The Wretched truly seems to be the little horror movie that could. In a summer that will, if we are very lucky, see a small handful of big movies actually make their way to theaters, IFC’s latest has managed to carve itself a path to success in an unconventional marketplace. Though it may seem like small potatoes by traditional box office standards, the movie passed a big milestone this weekend by crossing the $1 million mark.

Taking in an additional $162,000 over the weekend, The Wretched managed to pass $1 million at the box office. The movie was playing on 95 screens, most of which were drive-in theaters. That makes for a pretty healthy per-screen average as well. It has been in circulation since May 1. What’s most impressive is that IFC has made the movie available on VOD as well. So there is an option to watch it at home. People are simply choosing to go see it at a drive-in. With a lack of options in terms of new movies to showcase, this little movie has managed to do quite well for itself.

It had previously been reported that the movie had topped the box office for five weekends in a row. That turned out not to be true as Universal’s Trolls World Tour had brought in more money, the figures just weren’t being reported. IFC has been one of the only major distributors reporting ticket sales during the shutdown, mostly because they’ve been pretty much the only game in town with something worth reporting. They have had movies like Swallow and How to Build a Girl playing in drive-ins across the U.S. as well. They are certainly making the most of an otherwise dire situation for the industry as a whole.

The Wretched centers on a rebellious teen named Ben who is sent to live with his father for the summer after his parents’ separation. Ben is forced to work at the marina in the seemingly idyllic tourist town that has little to offer him, while he is forced to deal with the local teens and his father’s new girlfriend. His problems become more disturbing when Ben discovers that a malevolent spirit has taken over the family next door. Brett Pierce and Drew Pierce served as directors.

The good news is that this has helped cement the importance of the theatrical experience at a time when many are questioning what the future of movie theaters is going to look like. Drive-ins are expected to be a part of that future, which is quite miraculous considering they were, at very best, a niche market just a few months ago. But with AMC Theatres recently casting doubt on its ability to weather the storm, the industry will need to evolve. Luckily, it seems people still have a desire to share a communal experience around a big screen. This news was previously reported by Variety.

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