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#The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection: 13 Scariest Looks From The Competition

#The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection: 13 Scariest Looks From The Competition

Are you ready for drop-dead terrifying looks this Halloween?

Well, look no further!

We’re living for the creatures that have emerged from The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection.

The Boulet Brothers - Dragula: Resurrection

The two-hour competition is a Halloween special featuring the masterful talents of past contestants from The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.

Dragula is an underground-style reality TV drag competition that celebrates the darkest minds of drag, horror, glamour, and filth.

As compared to RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dragula has more of a punk rock and horror tone that spotlights an alternative style of drag. The series is hosted by horror and LGBTQIA icons, The Boulet Brothers: Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet.

The winner of Dragula: Resurrection gets $20,000 and the opportunity to “return to the living” to compete on Dragula Season 4.

Kendra Onixxx Vampire

As part of the competition, the seven queens each had to put their makeup, drag, and performance skills to the test by creating three iconic looks: witches, ghosts, and vampires.

And dare we say, the queens killed it during the special! Some brought iconic characters to life, others went for glamour, and some brought spine-tingling and terrifying creatures to life!

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Below, in no particular order, we’ve picked out the 13 scariest looks that would be sure to craft a few nightmares before Halloween.

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare. Check out the list below!

Dahli Vampire

Dahli: Post-Apocalyptic Vampire

The future looks terrifying if killer vampires like this are around!

The look is inspired by the Dune franchise, with its inclusion of pipes and wiring to match the desert aesthetic. Plus, the detailed makeup and claw add that vampiric touch to make this a character that has no soft side.

If this vampire ever emerges from a tunnel shrouded in red light, you better run!

Priscilla Chambers Witch

Priscilla Chambers: The Swamp Witch

Emerging from the water to haunt your dreams, this witch is dripping in the bones of ferocious creatures.

Priscilla’s swamp witch has grafted a taxidermied alligator head to the top of their head. The piece is framed like a hat or a crown; shining their dominance over the swamp and anyone who dares to enter their land.

Having the costume wet heightened the feel of the character being from the swamp. (And it also helped that the music video-styled scene had the character in water too.)

Saint Ghost

Saint: Trickster Ghost

Even the dead have depths and layers to their motives! Case in point, Saint’s mischievious and demonic ghost.

Inspired by childhood urban legends, this ghost seems playful and innocent at first (just look at the sheet costume!). However, the closer you get to the creature, the more you can see its sharp teeth and demonic eyes.

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This ghost would be horrifying to encounter on a lonely foggy night.

The imagery of Saint standing in the darkness and yet only the white costume shined made their video section an iconic moment. Saint’s initial idea translated perfectly to the screen.

Victoria Elizabeth Beth Ghost

Victoria Elizabeth Black: Creepy Corpse

Here’s the thing about Victoria’s entry for the ghost category: the outfit wasn’t fully a ghost. Her idea ventured into the poltergeist category, and with movies like 13 Ghosts, the aesthetic of ghosts isn’t always ethereal and spectral.

However, this is Dragula: Resurrection, so the initial idea of a ghost needed to be followed to fit the challenge theme.

On the other hand, the corpse was rotten, highly-detailed, and it came charging toward the screen with all the energy to enact its revenge. Victoria did a great job creating a creature that would haunt anyone’s zombie nightmares.

It’s a shame this wasn’t a zombie challenge.

Frankie Doom Ghost

Frankie Doom: La Llorona

Speaking of charging toward the screen, Frankie Doom’s ghost gave Samara a run for her money.

Inspired by folklore, Frankie added plenty of elements from their heritage to create a ghost that terrified them as a child. The result was a new inspiration for La Llorona that will make you want to turn on your lights at night.

Frankie Doom killed it during the ghost round!

Dahli Witch

Dahli: Desert Witch

A connecting theme throughout Dahli’s outfits was the consistent thread of nature.

Their first look in the competition infused elements of sand and the desert. Right down to the texture of the makeup, the witch looked like it emerged from the sand itself.

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Dahli’s witch had an unsettling aura to her that made you hope to never get hexed by her.

The witch was a strong start for Dahli during the competition.

Saint Vampire

Saint: 60s Vampire

At first glance, Saint’s vampire seemed more glamorous than scary. Fashion was its aesthetic instead of being a terrifying creature of the night.

However, as the music raged on to Kim Petras’ “In The Next Life,” Saint’s vampire took a bloodthirsty turn (to put it mildly).

Just look at the image above! A single taste of blood evolved into a chaotic bloodbath of pure ecstasy.

This vampire lost all glamour and exposed their inner vicious hunter.

Loris Ghost

Loris: Double The Ghost

Double the trouble, double the fun? Loris’s ghost look tried to balance the two competing sides of its character.

In essence, this theme is the type of conceptual idea that would wow in a challenge. However, the ghost elements didn’t translate as strong as the other ghosts. Similar to Victoria, a different theme shined instead (in this case, a demon).

On the other hand, this demonic ghost could be a contender for a scare competition.

Both sides of the ghost looked creepy while exuding some costumed flair. Regardless of the theme, Loris’s skill with latex shined brightest with this ensemble.

Victoria Elizabeth Black Witch

Victoria Elizabeth Black: The Bog Witch

Similar to Priscilla’s swamp witch, Victoria’s witch seemed like she crawled out from the depths of nature to torment her next prey.

Playing with the snake, channeling the fire, hexing in her hut … this witch came to slay.

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Victoria Elizabeth Black’s skill with molding and casting translated perfectly for the decaying body of this witch.

She looked weathered and transformed by the environment around her. And, she had an evil eye; not just for her charms and candles but for the magic she could cause.

Frankie Doom Vampire

Frankie Doom: Prehistoric Bat

Dracula, eat your heart out!

Frankie Doom’s vampire has none of the sophistication and charm that you’d expect from the vampire archetype.

Instead, this vampire is a prehistoric creature that is more bat than a person. (Think of Man-Bat from Batman.)

Look beyond the moments of the bat twerking to the song during the challenge. If you were alone on a dark night and this creature appeared, you would be terrified for eternity!

Frankie’s talent with the molding and makeup elevated the vampire into a detailed monster (in all the right ways).

Priscilla Chambers Ghost

Priscilla Chambers: Sex Worker

The inspiration and truth behind Priscilla’s ghost add to the spine-tingling aura of the character. (If you’re unaware of the history, please consider learning more about the treatment and crimes against sex workers.)

With Priscilla Chambers’ ghost, the spirit had an eccentric ’80s flair of the party girl who had once lived.

From the on-set, the ghost isn’t the scariest look from the bunch. However, the makeup looked detailed and flawless, and the inspiration for the character added depths to the character beyond just being a ghost.

Saint Witch

Saint: Moth Witch

Even with a candle in her hands, this witch makes the darkness even more terrifying!

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Saint’s witch is the perfect example of when simple touches can look oh-so-elegant.

The combination of the moths, her stylish outfit, and the metallic bands combined for a spiritual contender. Plus, with the darkened eyes, the witch seemed to be in mid-hex or channeling an otherworldly spirit.

Saint was one of the strongest witches of the night. Whether you find the witch creepy or high-fashion, it was a winner overall.

Dahli Ghost

Dahli: Blood Ghost

Tying into their aesthetic, Dahli went for a natural look with this nature-meets-blood ghost. Case in point, the roots and flowers that look like veins, and the outfit that was distressed below.

Where this ghost elevated its terrifying power is when the blood appeared.

Flowing from their palms, Dahli channeled stigmata to have this ghost bleeding down their arms.

Just imagine bumping into this bloody spectral being on a quiet night! There is no amount of dares to convince someone to walk down that creepy hallway or forest to meet this poltergeist.

Kendra Onixxx Ghost

Now, it’s your turn, TV Fanatics!

What was your favorite look from the Halloween special? Who do you think should’ve won?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection is now available to stream on Shudder.

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