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#Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Planned To Take Time Apart During Australian Tour — But They Couldn’t Stay Away!

There are two types of couples. There are the ones who have to be apart all the time, and it drives a geographical wedge between them — until eventually they’re not into it anymore. And there’s the couples for whom distance makes the heart grow fonder. The ones who make the effort to be together no matter what.

And it sounds like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the latter!

According to a source spilling to on Friday, the couple thought after the big emotional crescendo that was the Super Bowl, they’d take a little time apart! That meant Tay’s Australian leg of the Eras Tour would be some alone time for her while he stayed home taking a victory lap — and enjoying himself, we guess. But they just couldn’t stay away! The insider says:

“They were talking about letting her get back into touring without any distractions, but they are so in love right now that the decision was made that he had to be there.”

The source says part of what tipped the scales was the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooting. Hearing about the tragedy so close to her man “made her realize that he is very important to her.” We bet! It’s definitely the kind of thing that makes you want your loved ones as close as possible!

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Another insider said the romantic gesture of dropping all his plans with pals to be with her doubled as a late Valentine’s Day gift from Trav:

“It was the best gift any woman could ever want — to be with her man. She was on cloud nine in Sydney. He even shaved his beard to look his best for her.”

That’s right! We saw it in vids of the show and didn’t even think! We’d wondered when that thing was coming off! Hey, when it’s working in the playoffs, don’t change a thing. We get it. But damn he looks a lot better!

The source also reiterates the couple are the real deal — and we mean real:

“When it is just them, they are not the star athlete or the superstar singer. They are just a normal couple who are madly in love. Taylor’s friends have never seen her like this, and she finally has a man who keeps her safe, who loves her for her and is not out to gain anything from it.”

Awwww! No wonder they don’t want to be apart! The first insider adds:

“They want to spend as much time with each other as possible and that is what they will keep on doing. Travis will be touring with her on all her stops and will return to the States when needed. They have decided that they don’t want to be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time.”

Like we said — the second type of couple! What do YOU think of this insight into the couple’s plans??

[Image via Travis Kelce/Instagram/Apple Music/YouTube.]

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