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#RTLZWEI is removing “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon” from the program

Falling repeat ratings are pushing RTLZWEI to cancel the two anime series “Sailor Moon” and “Dragon Ball”.

Since April, the Munich free TV channel has been broadcasting anime series again in the good old tradition with “Mila Superstar”, “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon”. The ratings were always more than satisfactory by RTLZWEI standards. (we reported) It was only in August that an RTLZWEI spokesman confirmed to BuradaBiliyorum.Com that they were very satisfied with the ratings and were not averse to further anime series. But since August, the series of both “Sailor Moon” and “Dragon Ball” have been interrupted in the middle and both series have been started again from episode 1. A big mistake, as it now turns out: Yesterday, Sunday, “Dragon Ball” did not exceed 2.3% MA among 14-49 year olds, while “Sailor Moon” had the highest share of the market at just 2.1% . The absolute low point was “Sailor Moon” at 3:05 p.m. with lousy ratings 0.8% market share. The RTLZWEI station average is currently around 4.0%.

That’s why the broadcaster is now completely pulling the plug on at least two anime series: “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon” are included immediate effect discontinued. Only “Mila Superstar” is allowed to remain in the program and will probably be shown to the end. Away next Sunday, September 24th The series runs with five episodes in a row (episodes 92-96). 10:05 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The following Sunday, October 1st. are the Episodes 97 – 101 planned, which will then also represent the series finale. What will happen next is not clear at this point. Incidentally, “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon” are being replaced by the documentary series “Hartz and cordial – day after day Rostock”.

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