#Remains found believed to be woman who vanished during hike with boyfriend

#Remains found believed to be woman who vanished during hike with boyfriend

June 21, 2020 | 8:17am

The remains of a 20-year-old woman who reportedly became separated from her boyfriend during a hike in December are believed to have been found by a property owner while clearing brush, according to a report.

The man made the grisly discovery in a rural area of North Plains about 5 p.m. Saturday and responding Washington County sheriff’s deputies believe the remains are those of Allyson Watterson, the Daily Mail reported.

The young woman was said to have become separated from Benjamin Garland during their walk three days before Christmas, but authorities suspended their search when they couldn’t verify she was in the area.

Watterson’s apparent remains were discovered a day after her mom, Misty, posted a heart-rending message on Facebook about her daughter.

“This is my beautiful, amazing courageous incredible daughter Allysön Watterson,” she wrote.

“The day she was taken out of my life will forever be the worst darkest day any mother could experience. To whom is responsible for taking my daughter out of my life I want you to know that you took my life my breath my soul my everything has been ripped away from me and my life and those lives around me that love and adore this child will forever be dark until she comes home to us,” Misty Watterson wrote.

“They say that time heals all wounds and I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true the time actually makes it more dark than you can even imagine,” she added.

“To whomever is responsible for taking my child out of my life I want you to know that I will never stop looking for her I want you to know that she has the biggest most powerful and loving army of people behind her and we will never stop searching for her.”

Police have said said there was a 30-hour delay between the time Watterson was last seen and when her boyfriend’s father, Don Garland, reported her missing.

In December, Deputy Brian van Kleef said the men were hesitant to file a report because there were multiple outstanding warrants for Benjamin’s arrest.

He has since been collared on charges unrelated to Watterson’s disappearance.

In April, Benjamin Garland was sentenced to three years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to several charges, including unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, fraudulent use of a credit card and theft, according to the Daily Mail.

His probation also was revoked on charges of unlawful use of a weapon, attempted coercion, fourth-degree assault and obliteration or change of a firearm ID number, the outlet reported.


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