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#”Naruto Shippuden”: This is what the Collector’s Edition looks like

“”Naruto Shippuden”: This is what the Collector’s Edition looks like

At AnimagiC 2022, KSM Anime announced that it would publish «Naruto Shippuden» in a Collector’s Edition…

Published for years KSM Anime the three anime «Naruto», «Naruto Shippuden» and «Boruto: Naruto Next Generations» on DVD and Blu-ray and with great success. While “Boruto” is still airing, the first two series have been wrapped up for years.

The 220 episodes of “Naruto” have been released by KSM as 9 seasons on DVD and Blu-ray. In 2014, a complete edition of the DVD edition with a slipcase was released, and in 2016 the same for Blu-ray customers at a lower price. Fans have therefore long been hoping for a complete edition of the 500 episodes of the sequel “Naruto Shippuden” and now KSM Anime has presented something beautiful.

That’s how they appear 500 episodes of «Naruto Shippuden» as a three-part Collector’s Edition. Die first collection box will the first 11 seasons with episodes 1 to 242 (or 221 to 462). This collection releases DVD and Blu-ray at the same time.

Side View of Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Part 1 (1-242)

If you really want to secure the edition, you can pre-order now. Part 1 of the Collector’s Edition appears expected on November 16, 2022 on the market and costs according to the current status approx. 250€ at Amazon. With Part 1, a fan can expect over 5,000 minutes of content and some extras such as an art book, poster, keychain, etc. While the Blu-ray edition is equipped with 10 discs, the DVD edition requires 34 DVDs due to the small storage space. You can find the editions on Amazon here:

  • «Naruto Shippuden» Collector’s Edition Part 1 (1-242) on Blu-ray and DVD
  • «Naruto» Complete Edition (1-220) on Blu-ray and DVD
Side view of the Collector’s Edition Part 1 without info sheet

Das 1. Opening zu «Naruto Shippuden»:

Storyline of «Naruto Shippuden»:

Almost two years have passed since Naruto set off with his teacher Jiraya to train. But Naruto has no time to rest after returning home to Konoha! The next adventure begins quickly, because the criminal ninja organization Akatsuki is on the rise and is also targeting Naruto and the Nine-Tails in him. And the memories of the time before his trip still bother Naruto and his friends today. Rescue operations, further training and the desire to finally be able to live peacefully with his friends again drives Naruto to keep surpassing himself. But dark clouds are moving over the world of the ninja and all signs point to war.

Quelle: KSM Anime / Plaion Pictures

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