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#MAnime empfiehlt: «The God of High School»

#MAnime empfiehlt: «The God of High School»

The anime adaptation of the webtoon “The God of High School” started in 2020 on Crunchyroll and was able to please numerous minds. Did the Crunchyroll Original convince us too? You can find out why we recommend it here.

At “The God of High School» is a South Korean manhwa that has been published online as a webtoon since 2011. In 2020, Crunchyroll brought the anime adaptation to the popular Webtoon out. the 13 episodes of the anime was created under the direction of Sunghoo Park at the animation studio MAP, where among other things «Jujutsu Kaisen» was animated.

Storyline of «The God of High School»

Jin Mori describes himself as the strongest high schooler of all, and one day he gets the opportunity to prove it: He is invited to the “God of High School”, a tournament that determines the strongest high schooler and grants the winner absolutely every wish target. All participants are powerful fighters, but what awaits him at the end of the tournament? This is just the beginning of a breathtaking series of impressive battles!

opinion on anime

I must confess, after the first two episodes of «The God of High School» I wasn’t convinced and couldn’t understand the big hype surrounding the anime. The art style doesn’t suit my personal taste at all and I found the characters to be rather generic and boring. However, within a very short time, interesting storylines developed in the story, which contain far more than just clumsy fights. You get to know the motivations of the individual characters, you can understand why they act the way they do and you see how former enemies become friends. The fights are very well staged and put you in a good mood – and let me overlook the art style. After a few episodes, an interesting aspect comes into play, which I think gives the fights a special flavor.

Overall I can say that «The God of High School» is an anime that martial arts fans should enjoy watching. However, I think that the hype surrounding the anime is or was greater than it should be.

Source of plot description: Crunchyroll

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