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#Ireland Baldwin Shares The BRUTAL Result Of Her Adventures In Babysitting!

#Ireland Baldwin Shares The BRUTAL Result Of Her Adventures In Babysitting!

This looks like it HURTS!!!

Ireland Baldwin was babysitting on Thursday evening when the two 7-year-old boys she was watching apparently became a bit too much for her. It’s unclear exactly what happened, but we do know the poor 25-year-old girl suddenly showed up on social media with a SUPER bloody nose! Oh, no!

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It seemed like Alec Baldwin‘s daughter was able to take the whole thing in stride, though.

When she first shared a disturbing, bloody selfie to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night, she did so with this VERY understated caption attached (below):

“I watched two 7 year old boys for 45 minutes and it went like…”

Yeah… nothing more needed to be said! Parents know! Pretty sure “two 7-year-old boys…” is how most nightmares begin!

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The injury is a nasty thing to look at, as well — be warned the picture below is graphic and there’s a lot of blood!

Baldwin thought so much of it that she posted the Stories pic to her main IG feed on Friday and let the whole world see her nasty nose (below):

Oh nooooo!!!

Seriously, though, can we talk about the addition to the caption on that Instagram post for a second? Using #birthcontrol to silently protest the injurious treatment suffered at the hands of those two rambunctious boys is HILARIOUS!

(But hate that she had to get whacked in the face to get to that point!)

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Now, it’s unclear exactly who Ireland was babysitting when this went down. Of course, she has six much-younger half-siblings, the product of stepmom Hilaria Baldwin‘s baby-makin’ ways with Alec: Carmen, 7, Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, Romeo Alejandro, 2, Eduardo Pau Lucas, 7 months, and this year’s surprise surrogate newborn Lucia.

Quite the crowd at home! Ireland is surely no stranger to looking after kids from time to time. No telling who could’ve done the hitting, though, since the Baldwin kid who is the right age — Carmen — isn’t a boy. Maybe some of her pals? Some neighborhood kids? Alas, the mystery shall persist! Here’s hoping Ireland’s nose gets back to normal VERY soon with little long-term pain or discomfort. Noses are sensitive, we definitely don’t need to see more of this done to her or anyone else!

What do U make of this wacky babysitting injury, Perezcious readers? Will it teach you not to go around wild little 7-year-old boys?! Or do you think you’d be able to handle yourself amid all that chaos?? (Yeah… right… Good luck!)

Sound OFF about this unfortunate ouchie with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Ireland Baldwin/Instagram]

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