#Fix Spectrum Remote Not Working With Cable Box

How To Fix Your Spectrum Remote Not Working With Cable Box

You may notice the problems mentioned below when your spectrum remote is not working with the cable box. 

  • The remote indicator is not blinking or flashing continuously.
  • Channels buttons are not working.
  • Volume buttons not working.
  • Cable box is not working with the remote.
  • Remote is not pairing with the device.

If you notice these problems while controlling the cable box with the spectrum remote, you will need to repair your remote immediately.

Check Batteries in the Remote:

First, you will need to check the batteries in the remote. Drained batteries can’t send solid signals to the device. Remove the old batteries from the remote and insert a set of new batteries into the battery compartment. After this, check the remote to control the cable box.

Check the remote buttons:

Check all the buttons on the remote. Sometimes buttons are stuck on the remote due to dust and debris. Press all of the remote’s buttons and remove the dust if under the buttons is resistant. After fixing this issue, check the remote control to control your cable box.

Program the spectrum remote to the cable box correctly:

It would help if you programmed your remote correctly for the cable box. Sometimes program spectrum remote to cable box is successful, but the buttons may not work as expected. Try to reprogram your remote using the correct code.

Keep the remote from an appropriate distance.

You will need to keep the remote in front of the remote from an appropriate distance while controlling your cable box. Sometimes remote may not send solid infrared signals to your cable box. So keep the remote near to the device and test the remote.

Run the power cycle

If the remote is not working correctly, even after fixing the issues mentioned earlier in this post, run the power cycle. Remove cables from the cable box for 10 minutes and press and hold the power button of the cable box for a minute. As well as remove batteries from the remote, press and hold the “power” key on the remote for 30 seconds. During this process, unknown interruptions go away.

Connect all the cables correctly to all devices, and insert new batteries into the remote Now test your remote to see whether it is working.

Note: if you remove batteries from the remote for more than 10 minutes, the remote program will be erased, then you will need to reprogram the remote correctly using a valid device code.

Conclusion: If the remote is not working, even after fixing the issues mentioned above, you will need to replace your remote. If you have any doubts or errors while fixing the problems, leave a comment to us.

by Vinesh Bojapally

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