#Dominicans in Inwood blasted on social media for chasing away black men

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Dominicans in Inwood blasted on social media for chasing away black men

June 3, 2020 | 10:35am

Inwood Dominicans were ripped for “racial profiling” after video was posted online showing a group chasing away black men they suspected were coming to loot in their neighborhood.

The footage, which received more than 887,000 views as of Wednesday morning, underscored racial tensions among blacks and Dominicans in this section of Manhattan.

“Get that s–t outta here, n—a!” a man yells at about a half-dozen black men standing on a sidewalk on Dyckman Street, as the crowd descends on them.

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Debate over the racial divide spilled onto social media, with some commenters quick to call out the Latino crowd for self-policing, while others accused the black men of looting.

“The whole world protesting police brutality and Dyckman is right along side the police racially profiling anybody who ‘looks like they don’t belong,’” one person wrote.

Another tweeted, “Im in dyckman. These young idiots are looking to loot & they’re are several of them attempting to rob people. Stop this narrative that everyone is wrong to defend their neighborhood. There’s literally black people with dominicans in this video kicking then out. Just stop.”

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Others took issue with how Dominicans identify themselves.

“A lot of Dominicans think they not black,” someone wrote.

The video was also posted on Instagram with the caption, “Dominicans on #Dyckman siding with police despite history and their skin color.”

The racial makeup of Inwood was the subject of a 2016 report by DNAInfo, which noted the mix of white, black and Latino and Broadway as the demarcation line.


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