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#Captain Planet Gets His Own Infinity Gauntlet in New Bosslogic Poster Art

#Captain Planet Gets His Own Infinity Gauntlet in New Bosslogic Poster Art

Another day, another wonderful piece of fan art making us wish for a movie that does not exist. This time, renowned graphic artist BossLogic has gifted us with a poster for an imagined Captain Planet movie, with the magic elemental rings looking akin to the Infinity Gauntlet used by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

Alongside the image, BossLogic wrote a caption that should be familiar to every one of a certain age saying, “By our powers combined….. Legendary.”

The poster features the gloved hand of a mysterious figure, presumably the titular Captain Planet, wearing his signature red costume, with a yellow glowing planet on his chest. Whilst the character in the television show had blue skin, it is unclear whether the artist’s version does, with the artwork instead adding blue to what looks like a full-body superhero-style costume as opposed to the bizarre red bikini-like outfit that Captain Planet sports in the show.

At the forefront of the poster, Captain Planet’s clenched, gloved hand is adorned in red and gold ornate decorations complete with a gold planet emblem. His fist displays the five elemental rings – earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. The design resembles the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet, with each ring glowing brightly much like the Infinity Stones.

The animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers begins when Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembles a diverse team of planeteers, who are able to combine their powers to summon an elemental warrior that takes on the appearance of superhero Captain Planet. He works with the planeteers to defend Earth from pollution caused by criminals and villains. As the show’s theme song says, Captain Planet is “gonna take pollution down to zero” by defeating the villains, who include the likes of Hoggish Greedly, Dr. Blight, and Looten Plunder.

The series was co-created by media mogul Ted Turner, a noted environmentalist, with every episode being followed up with at least one “Planeteer Alert” clip, which was often connected to the plot, and would detail environmental-political and other social-political issues as well as how the viewer can contribute and be part of “the solution” rather than “the pollution”.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers ran from 1990 through 1996 on TBS and featured the voices of David Coburn, LeVar Burton, Joey Dedio, Kath Soucie, Janice Kawaye, Scott Menville, Whoopi Goldberg and Margot Kidder. The series spawned a line of action figures and toys, as well as video games, and even led to the creation of the environmental advocacy organization The Captain Planet Foundation.

Over the years there have been multiple attempts to adapt the show and bring Captain Planet and his Planeteers to the big-screen. These have included a dark and gritty take set in a post-apocalyptic world that even reached the design stage before being abandoned. In October 2016 it was reported that Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way were attempting to develop a new movie and were in negotiations with Jono Matt and Glen Powell to write the script. Sadly, nothing has come from it so far, but with climate change and environmental issues at the forefront of the conversation, now would be the perfect time for a Captain Planet movie.

Should a movie ever be made, they could do a lot worse than using BossLogic’s poster design. This comes to us from BossLogic.

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