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#Big Brother Announces Huge Changes Ahead of Season 23

#Big Brother Announces Huge Changes Ahead of Season 23

Big Brother.

I typically look forward to the series every summer, but somewhere along the way, the excitement has waned.

My colleague perfectly summed it up last year after the horrible All-Stars concluded.

BB22 All-Star Cast - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 1

Looking ahead to Big Brother Season 23, which is set to launch July 7, we can expect another live move-in event.

This means the cast will probably not be unveiled ahead of transmission, keeping fans in the dark right up until the live season premiere.

According to Parade, the theme for the season is “Big Brother Beach Club,” which is to help make the houseguests feel like they were on vacation after an unpredictable 18 months.

Janelle: Good Try Cody - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2

“We wanted our house guests to be able to feel like they’re on vacation,” producers explained to the outlet.

“I think we’re all longing for our vacations to get out. It’s beach club meets casino; think Monte Carlo meets Vegas. It’s going to feel like a boutique hotel with a casino vibe.”

Houseguests will also be teamed up in the premiere to stop a majority alliance from forming to dominate the game.

Majority alliances suck. They make for terrible TV, so we need this season to feature backstabbing.

Nicole Listening - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3

Upon entering the house on the premiere, there will be a competition to set the team captains, who will then be allowed to watch footage of the houseguests to learn who to choose for their team.

Game changer, right?

This should also allow the captains to figure out who is a superfan and who is genuinely newer to the game.

After picking the teams, the captains will then enter another competition to find out who is Head of Household on week one and which team will be protected.

Julie Chen Moonves First Eviction - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 4

However, there’s even more drama as the remaining unprotected teams get to nominate a champion to duke it out for them in another situation for safety that can have huge consequences.

It’s a fun concept and one that should reinvigorate the game.

Alas, time will tell whether it actually comes to pass as Big Brother has a habit of botching big twists.

What are your thoughts on the news?

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