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#’A Million Little Things’: How COVID-19 Will Impact the Friend Group in Season 3

#’A Million Little Things’: How COVID-19 Will Impact the Friend Group in Season 3

A Million Little Things is returning, and you have a million reasons to tune in.

Where We Left Off

A failed adoption devastated Rome and Regina (Romany Malco and Christina Moses); Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) put ex Maggie (Allison Miller) in the friend zone as she left for Oxford; widow Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) introduced her kids to her hot EMT beau Miles (Parker Young); and recovering alcoholic Eddie (David Giuntoli) was hit by a car while on the phone with wife Katherine (Grace Park).

Where We’re Headed

Toward mystery! Showrunner DJ Nash says Eddie’s accident may not be an accident at all: “We pick up with Katherine on that call…the phone was knocked out of Eddie’s hands and someone picks it up.”

Nash is mum on whether or not the dad survives, but he does reveal that Regina’s anger over the lost baby threatens to tear her and Rome apart, and that Gary will explore his heritage in a storyline mirroring the actor’s decision to reclaim his birth name.

Oh, and COVID-19 will be a thing. “This friend group has to decide who’s in their bubble,” says Nash, adding that the pandemic — and the past — will impact Delilah’s romance with Miles. “She is met with the memory [of her late husband, Jon] and wondering how those two can coexist.” —Damian Holbrook

Why It’s Worth Another Look

Initially dismissed as that “suicide and cancer” show, this tearjerker has developed into anything but a downer. One not-so-little reason: the reconciliation of Eddie and Katherine, whose son Theo (Tristan Byon) is TV’s most adorable child. (Seriously, though, Eddie had better not have died!) —Matt Roush

(ABC/Jeff Weddell)

A Million Little Things, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, November 19, 10/9c, ABC

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