#Wild Rift Lux Build – Top Guide

#Wild Rift Lux Build – Top Guide

With the support of our template, you can use Lux with conviction! Let’s take your Wild Rift performance to the next tier! Whether you’re new to Lux or aiming to fine-tune your playstyle. Learn everything there is to know about Lux’s skills, including the top things to build, which abilities to scale first, and more!

Item Build

Lux excels at using support items that increase the strength of her shield. In light of this, Ardent Censer is a must-have on Lux. You gain some HP and AP, but the passive is the most essential part!

Shielding a teammate gives them a boost in ATK speed and damage. Lux’s shield is enhanced by Prismatic Barrier (2nd Ability).

Harmonic Echo is another essential and must-have item. This provides you with some much-needed mana as well as a boost to your AP. The major factor, however, is for the passive!

Core Items

  • Starting Item: Amplifying Tome
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity (Shadows)
  • Ardent Censer
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap

Final Items

    • Morellonomicon, Void Staff


    • Aery
    • Weakness
    • Loyalty
    • Manaflow Band

Summoner Spells

Skill Path

Lux Best Counters

Aurelion Sol Yasuo Gragas

Lux Best Teammates

Most Vulnerable Against Lux

Early Game Lux

  • Lux does excellently in the early match, as you can harass the opponent with Lucent Singularity (3rd Ability) and outplay exchanges against the opponent bot lane if you time your Prismatic Barrier (2nd Ability) shield correctly.
  • The most crucial skill to hit is Light Binding (1st Ability).

Late Game Lux

  • Lux becomes powerful as the game progresses, as her shields and heals become more powerful as more items are added to her inventory. Lux can still deal a great deal of damage as a support, which is a pleasant surprise.
  • If you use Light Binding (1st Ability) on an opponent, use Final Spark (Ultimate) to deal a serious blow!
  • Staying with your squad and assisting them during team fights is critical as a Support. Prioritize playing safe and guarding your carries against the enemy team by doing everything you can to help them survive. The AD Carry on your squad is one of your team’s main damage inputs, so keeping him alive is crucial!

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