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#What Can You Expect When Travel To The Country of Turkey?

What Can You Expect When Travel To The Country of Turkey?

Turkey is located between Southeast Europe and southwest Asia. Its location has given it great influence and control over the Black Sea entrance.

Turkey’s complex climate has called it “the land of four seasons.” The climate is temperate in Istanbul and surrounding the Sea of Marmara.

The average temperature is 4°C in the winter and 27°C in the summer (39 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). There is a warm Mediterranean climate in Western Turkey, with usual winter and summer temperatures of 9°C and 29°C, in both.

The country of Turkey borders Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan in the east, Georgia in the northeast, Bulgaria and Greece in the northwest, and Iraq and Syria in the Southeast.

It has a land area of 783,562 km2, a little smaller than the combined size of Texas and Louisiana in the United States or more than twice the size of Germany.Turkey is located halfway between the East and the West culturally, taking characteristics from both to create its own mix.

The area that today makes up the republic has seen a significant range of cultural influences, which have left a rich ancient history from the Islamic Middle East and Classical Europe that is still clearly visible in the landscape.

Turkey’s population of 83.2 million calculated in 2020, Istanbul is the main city, and Ankara is the capital. Turkish is the official language spoken, alongside Kurdish and Arabic, by Turkish Arabs.

Turkey is predominantly Islamic, where up to 99% of Turks are Muslim. The life expectancy is 72 years (men) and 79 (women). The currency name and code is Yenmi Turk Lira (TRY).

Turkey’s economy is a largely free-market economy driven by its industry and, increasingly, service sectors such as the automotive, petrochemical, traditional agriculture, and electronics industries. You can check out Turkey – A Country Profile – Destination Turkey – Nations Online Project for more of the country of Turkey’s profile.

What Is The Country Of Turkey Known For?

Turkey is known for its a lot of great places such as the Blue Mosque, New Mosque, Hagia Sophia (now a mosque again), and Topkap Palace in Istanbul.

It is also known for the Bosporus Bridge, which connects Asia and Europe. The Galata Bridge spans the Golden Horn in Istanbul, the Döner Kebab, Skender Kebap, Baklava, and Turkish coffee and tea; the Evil eye (Nazar); Tulips, Turkish carpets, and the Turkish bath.

The Hagia Sofia is one of Istanbul’s most stunning buildings (Holy Wisdom). A mosque was added to the Antiquated building, originally a Christian basilica, during the Ottoman monarchy. It was turned into an art gallery in 1935.

The beaches in Incekum, Lüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), Kaputas, and Antalya; the breathtaking travertine terraces in Pamukkale; the natural sites in Cappadocia; Mount Ararat, where Noah’s Ark is buried; Troy, the scene of the Trojan War; and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Turkish coffee, one of the most popular drinks worldwide. There are almost countless ways to prepare and drink it. One of the most well-known coffee beans is Turkish coffee. Without filtration, it is made in a copper pot named cezve using very finely ground coffee beans.

Turkish coffee is different because of its preparation and serving ways, as any coffee bean may be used. The Arabica types are considered to be superior, because the person who prepares the coffee adds the sugar to the water and coffee when brewing.

There is a first tooth ceremony. Whoever finds the first tooth becomes one’s Godmother. After finding the tooth, she buys the child a new outfit to celebrate.

You can check the Turkey | Culture, Facts & Travel | – CountryReports for more on Turkey’s culture and facts.

Who Can Travel To Turkey?

Everyone who wishes to travel to Turkey for touristic and business purposes will need a country of Turkey visa. However, some countries can visit Turkey without a visa, and some can get a visa on arrival.

Always check whether a visa is necessary for your trip to Turkey or whether you are exempt before finalizing your decision.

Please remember that the only people who can enter or leave Turkey without a visa, regardless of the reason, are Turkey and Northern Cyprus citizens.

The easiest option is to apply for an e-Visa if your stay will be short and simple longer than 30 days and you’re traveling to Turkey for business, tourism, or leisure. Only a selected few nationalities can enjoy the benefits of this facility, which is not available to other nations.

After completing an online application form, giving the necessary supporting documents, and paying the visa processing cost, you can quickly apply for a Turkish e-Visa. You can complete the full formalities online from the comfort of your home without traveling to an embassy or consulate.

You can check out the Turkey Visa For US Citizens 2022: Visa Requirements And Costs for the Turkey travel requirements.

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