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Watch Dirty Work Streaming for Free on YouTube

#Watch Dirty Work Streaming for Free on YouTube

The 1998 comedy movie Dirty Work is currently streaming for free on YouTube, and at a time with seemingly nothing but bad news in the headlines, it just felt necessary to pass that information along. From the writing team of Norm Macdonald, Frank Sebastiano, and Fred Wolf, the hilarious comedy is directed by foul-mouthed stand-up comic Bob Saget.

Although it was not met with the warmest reception upon its initial release over two decades ago, the movie has since developed a cult following, and for many, Dirty Work can be considered one of the most underrated movies of its time. We could also all use a good laugh, and this is streaming right now.

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Dirty Work stars Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange as Mitch Weaver and Sam McKenna, two lifelong friends faced with raising enough money to save the life of Sam’s father (Jack Warden) after he suffers a severe heart attack. Thinking back upon their history of always getting the last laugh on those who’d wronged them, Mitch and Sam decide to launch a “revenge for hire” business, specializing in getting even on behalf of clients paying good money to settle their feuds. This is obviously something that would never fly in real life, especially in this era, but it certainly makes for an entertaining story and provides many hilariously creative revenge plans carried out on screen.

Helping to bring this fun and unique story to life in Dirty Work are its many memorable guest stars providing hilarious cameo appearances. This would include Adam Sandler as a devil in a hallucinogenic vision; Gary Coleman as himself in a celebrity boxing match; Don Rickles as a snarky movie theater manager; Rebecca Romijn as the bearded lady at the circus; and David Koechner as a shady used car salesman. Chevy Chase also notably stars as Dr. Farthing, the crooked physician who promises to secure a heart transplant for Sam’s father if Sam and Mitch can raise the $50,000 needed to pay off his gambling debts.

Perhaps the most enjoyable guest spot of them all is the late Chris Farley in what would turn out to be his final movie role. In the movie, Farley plays a friend of Mitch and Sam who’s missing the tip of his nose. As revealed through dialogue, the character had his nose bitten off by a Saigon prostitute, and as luck would have it, he actually reunites with her in the movie to patch things up. He also plays a large part in one of the most memorable moments of Dirty Work when he inadvertently plays “The Pina Colada Song” on the jukebox as a dirty bar fight is about to begin. Sadly, Farley died months before Dirty Work was released and wasn’t able to see the finished result.

Dirty Work is undoubtedly one of the best comedy movies of the 1990s, but it just never really seemed to get the attention that it deserves. For anyone who missed it the first time around, and for those willing to revisit the classic comedy after over two decades, hop on over to YouTube and give it a watch now. You can watch the movie in its entirety on YouTube Movies, and you can also check out the official trailer below.


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