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#Wait, Does Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Take Place in an Alternate Timeline?

#Wait, Does Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Take Place in an Alternate Timeline?

The comedy classic Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey may actually take place in an alternate timeline. Clues from the first Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer hint that alternate timelines are possible, especially as the Wyld Stallyns travel to the future and meet the jailed musclehead versions of themselves. There’s also a glimpse of the duo playing air guitar with Death, and it looks like the apocalypse is happening just outside his office window. This could point to another timeline where Bill and Ted were never able to complete their song. Or perhaps, we’re just looking at the feiry Hellscape where Death now resides?

However it shakes out, Bill & Ted Face the Music is definitely pointing to some huge time paradoxes that can only have a major ripple effect on past events, including distrupting what we’ve previously seen play out in the first two movies.

If this alternate timeline theory for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey proves to be true, it could mean that the version of Rufus from the second movie was actually from a different plain of existance entirely. This could also prove that it’s Rufus’ fault why they still haven’t been able to complete their song to bring the world together, due to a split in the universe. Instead of sitting down and trying to write the song, Bill & Ted Face the Music proves that they are going to take a shortcut, which could have adverse effects on different timelines, like sending themselves to prison. Perhaps that could also tie into the plains of existence where the live-action and animated TV series take place. And even explain why the princesses look slightly different in each of the three movies.

In Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the heroic duo completes their journey and we’re introduced to their presumed-to-be male children, who are also named Bill and Ted. In Bill & Ted Face the Music, we learn that they actually have daughters, which may also have to do with these shifting parallel universes. The future has come for Bill and Ted to finally complete what they were meant to do for over 30 years now. It is later revealed in the Bogus Journey credits sequence that the villainous De Nomolos eventually married Missy, the woman who was previously married to Bill’s dad, and then Ted’s. Will this aspect still stick in the third installment?

The final shot in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey shows a newspaper article about the Wyld Stallyns playing a show on Mars to bring the world together. However, in the Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer, it is revealed that they played for the whole world, but it wasn’t on Mars, which means in the Bogus timeline, they did complete their goal. They have not completed this goal in the current timeline. Keanu Reeves has said in the past that the third installment will not talk about the Mars gig.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey taking place in a different timeline seems to make sense and could help to tie up some loose ends in Bill & Ted Face the Music. A huge key to Bogus Journey not taking place in our existing timeline is the fact that Jim Martin never got fired by Faith No More in this ‘Bogus’ version of reality. Instead, it’s revealed that Martin went on to found the Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Center. Here, in our current timeline, Jim Martin owns a pumpkin patch and has refused to join the most recent Faith No More reunions.

While Jim Martin from Faith No More isn’t in the latest Face the Music trailer, Win Butler from Arcade Fire is. Maybe we’ll get an update on what actually happened to Sir James Martin and his Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Center when the new movie hits theaters on August 14th. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music above, thanks to the Orion Pictures YouTube channel.

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