#Vivienne Westwood, 79, wears leaf over crotch for climate change #FashionNews

Vivienne Westwood, 79, wears leaf over crotch for climate change

May 15, 2020 | 2:56pm | Updated May 15, 2020 | 3:12pm

Dame Vivienne Westwood is going au naturel for Mother Nature.

The 79-year-old British fashion designer took to Instagram Friday to share a series of posts about saving the planet — in what appears to be nothing but a metallic leaf covering her privates from the waist down.

The punk style icon has fans going wild for her dazzling figure showcased in the video of Westwood speaking from the back door of her home in London.

“Real beauty lasts forever,” wrote one user in all caps with a black heart emoji.

“God is a woman,” another user chimed in.

Others picked up on her stark resemblance to Eve from the Bible, with one fan commenting: “The Eve we need but don’t deserve.”

Westwood was, in fact, wearing flesh-colored tights paired with a black and gray top, shiny purple gloves, a printed cap and chunky boots to deliver her message.

She began her nearly two-minute speech — which was posted in its entirety on Instagram Live — by urging non-essential workers to think twice before returning to work as the coronavirus lockdown rules loosen in the United Kingdom.

“The world has changed. Some of us have lost our loved ones to corona,” she began. “Should you go to work, you who have a choice, you will invade the space, the public space, of those who have to work. You must make the decision.”

She adds that people should not “trust the government or the press — they are stuck. They have their heads buried in capitalism.”

Then, the longtime environmental activist begins her call to save the planet.

“There is real wealth — land, ocean, air — they allow it for free use to those who wrecked the planet,” she says. “Thousands of people over the world realize this is an opportunity to make the world a better place — the world is on its knees.”

Westwood then proclaims to her followers that she will continue to post videos addressing the issue.

“I am a very practical person. I have a plan, as you know, a solution. I will write it down for the Tuesday diary,” she says. “We must use the public space, the social media is our public space. We will have a forum here.”

Westwood’s stunning physique comes just after images posted by Vera Wang set the internet ablaze, as the 70-year-old American designer showed off her rock hard abs and slender legs in a series of impressive photos.


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