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#Top 5 moments from Cannonball Season 1, Episode 1

#Top 5 moments from Cannonball Season 1, Episode 1

CANNONBALL — “Viva el Mustache!” Episode 108 — Pictured: Steve Heiss — (Photo by: Lisa Rose/NBC/USA Network)

It is time to welcome the hilarity of Cannonball into family game night

If you’re a fan of obstacle course shows, but only watch them to watch people fall, then Cannonball is about to be your new favorite show. Hosted by Mike “The Miz” Mizanin from the WWE, Cannonball follows in the footsteps of Wipeout, includes the best parts of American Ninja Warrior, and is slightly reminiscent of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. In other words, hilarious and entertaining.

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Cannonball is pure schadenfreude, as contestants sacrifice their health and dignity in what amounts to a water park filled with booby-traps for a $10K cash prize. Hopefully, it’s not cancelled for a stupid reason any time soon.

Here are the top 5 moments from Cannonball Season 1, Episode 1

First and foremost, “The Miz” is unsurprisingly entertaining. More actor and hype-man than announcer, his ad-lib reactions and quips carry the duller moments. His energy, along with the other hosts Rocsi Diaz and Simon Gibson, is just enough to offset the cringe-worthy contestants who participate on Cannonball with the hopes of carving out their own niche in reality television.

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The show starts off strong with a giant waterfall, and an introduction to perhaps the most irritating competitor of the episode, a bodyguard named “Who cares,” who once worked for Oprah. More importantly, however, is when The Miz replays this competitor skidding over the water at 60ish MPH and slamming into a buoy over and over again saying, “You get a buoy! You get a buoy! You get a buoy!”

The Target Toss competition is entertaining by default. It’s essentially the Cannonball version of the Lake Blob toss most hilariously demonstrated in Jackass 3D. Competitors flail midair after being shocked by the experience, then flopping in the water in the most awkward manner possible. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

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Belly flops are next on the list. Watching someone fly into a body of water, flailing arms and legs in an uncoordinated manner and landing without protection is perpetually entertaining. It’s essentially the reason why “Ow! My Balls!” is someone’s idea of the most popular television show in the distant future. Most enjoyable is the aforementioned bodyguard’s completely emasculating, fear-filled belly flop that nearly made him cry. Brilliant.

If you watched this episode and don’t remember the name Dominic Giorgianni, then I’m sorry about your head injury. The fearful rock photographer stole the show, had his name yelled, chanted, and nearly fetishized by the hosts. In fact, he’s more memorable than the discount Magnum PI “sideline correspondent” who is more distraction than entertainment.

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Cannonball airs Thursday nights 8/7C on USA! Tune in for an hour of laughs and belly flops; it’s well worth it.

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