#TikTok star shows how to trim split ends in 3 easy steps on lockdown #FashionNews

TikTok star shows how to trim split ends in 3 easy steps on lockdown

May 25, 2020 | 5:04pm

That shaggy-haired self-isolators around the world are willing to risk their lives for a trim during the coronavirus pandemic has been well-documented.

But London-based beauty and fitness influencer Stefanie Williams claims to know a hair hack that will rid your mane of mangy split ends in minutes, from the safety of your home.

Williams shared the trick in a TikTok post that has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

The “trick my mum taught me” prevents “split ends and means hair won’t break off so easily,” she writes in the caption, adding, “Curly hair straighten it first.”

In the clip, she demonstrates the steps, which begin with well-brushed straight hair. Next, she separates her hair along top and bottom layers, then divides the bottom layer into smaller sections. Taking one of the small sections in her hand, she twists it “tight” to reveal the split ends of her strands squeezing out of the twisted locks. Finally, she uses a sharp pair of scissors to snip away at the frayed hairs — effectively ridding her hair of the broken parts.

“Don’t go too close to the twist,” she warns at the end, then telling her 222,000 followers to “repeat all over” and every three weeks to maintain healthy hair growth.

Many showed their appreciation for the handy advice in the comments.

“I tried this and tbh I’m pleasantly surprised. My hair feels and looks more smooth,” one fan wrote.

“Omg I started doing this and trimming the bottom and my hair grew so much, like a lot,” claimed another.

Others, however, were less enthusiastic with the results of their quarantine cuts, and warned that too much twisting could also weaken strands.

“I did it and now I have loads of whispy hairs that fly around everywhere. I would not recommend but I probs did it wrong lol,” one wrote.

“Last time I tried this on my best friend I accidentally cut six inches of her [hair] off,” another cautioned.

Of course, embarrassing, homemade haircuts have become relatable fodder for social-media posters and entertainers alike, all of whom have commiserated over bad hair days during the lockdown caused by COIVD-19. The first sign of hair-care restlessness came with reports of women thoughtlessly giving themselves bangs, mostly out of boredom, when salons first closed back in March. Last month, The Post reported on a few inspiring couples who chose to stay together even after one partner gave the other a horrible amateur haircut. Meanwhile, many celebrities — including Anthony Rapp, Riz Ahmed and Carson Daly — have attempted trims while social distancing, with mixed results.


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