#This minimal oak table is inspired by Roman forums to help people connect over food and conversations

“This minimal oak table is inspired by Roman forums to help people connect over food and conversations”

A great table can add a whole bunch of personality, as well as immense functionality to a living space – whether you use it to dine on, converse over, or get your daily work done. Finding such an excellent design can be a task, but when you do so, it can completely transform any room in your home. And one such design I recently came across is the Foro table by John Pawson.

Designer: John Pawson for Viccarbe

Designed by John Pawson for the Spanish furniture brand Viccarbe, the Foro table is a beautiful oak table that is meant to encourage people to gather around it, and connect over good food, and even better conversations. The minimal yet awe-spiring table was designed to help people interact better, and engage in a more meaningful manner.

The table’s design is inspired by the ancient culture of Roman forums, where people would come together in the marketplace to conduct social and financial activities.”This collaborative concept has been the starting point for the designer, materialising it into a versatile table intended for conversation, idea exchange, feasting and coming together,” said Viccarbe.

With a sturdy, clean, and minimalist appeal to it, the Foro table comes in two versions – a rectangular one, and a square one. The table’s legs are angled at 45 degrees, giving it a rather steady and dependable appearance. Crafted from solid oak, the Foro table beautifully holds a sense of ” richness, endurance, and warmth”, and successfully adds that to any atmosphere it is placed in.

Foro has been equipped with a hatch at the centre, that enables it to conceal sockets, and has electric cables hidden in one of its legs, to present you with a clutter-free tabletop. The Foro table is great for both office, and home environments.


Srishti Mitra

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