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#The Flash season 7: Will Ralph Dibny be recast post-Hartley Sawyer firing?

#The Flash season 7: Will Ralph Dibny be recast post-Hartley Sawyer firing?

Flash season 4This week, the news was revealed that Hartley Sawyer has been fired from The Flash after the resurfacing of racist, misogynistic Twitter posts from the past. It’s a move that the producers and the network needed to make, and they did so decisively.

Yet, there are also still questions now in regards to the future of Sawyer’s character Ralph Dibny. While Dibny is far from an angel within the world of The Flash, do you want to directly associate him with the actor? Do you want to eliminate the storyline moving forward into season 7? There are a lot of questions that you’re left to think about.

When you think about it, recasting Ralph Dibny as a character is actually easier than recasting Kate Kane on Batwoman — which they’re apparently no longer doing. Ralph has the ability to change his appearance due to his powers, so you could do something as easy as changing his appearance after his former identity is compromised. Creatively, there are ways to make it happen. The Flash set up an extended storyline for Dibny revolving around his long-term love interest Sue Dearbon. We know that the in the comics, she ends up becoming married to Dibny down the road, and the character was played by Natalie Dreyfuss. It would be unfortunate for her if Hartley’s past actions cause her to lose her job, even if this is a part of the business that happens here and there.

The producers of The Flash have not commented on whether or not they will recast Ralph, and they may be waiting to formalize a decision. What complicates things further is that Ralph is almost certainly written into the final scripts for season 6, which were never filmed and will now be at the start of season 7. They could go in and remove him from storylines, or just find another actor to fill that void. Because of the global health crisis, this is not as easy a transition as it would be otherwise.

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Do you think that The Flash season 7 is going to recast Ralph Dibny?

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