# Star Ocean: The Divine Force character trailers – Midas Felgreed and Nina Deforges

Star Ocean: The Divine Force character trailers – Midas Felgreed and Nina Deforges “

Publisher Square Enix and developer tri-Ace have released a new pair of character trailers for Star Ocean: The Divine Force introducing Midas Felgreed and Nina Deforges.

Here is Square Enix’s descriptions of each character:

  • Midas Felgreed – Midas Felgreed is one of the most brilliant semiomancers and engineers in all of the Aucerian Kingdom. Although his thirst for knowledge often sees him forego laws and basic ethics, Midas is still a man of strong principle who always finishes what he starts.
  • Nina Deforges – Nina Deforges is one of the few people in Aucerius who can wield healing magic known as iatrimancy. She tirelessly devotes herself to create a cure for the deadly disease that claimed her father’s life.

Previous character trailers introduced Raymond Lawrence, Laeticia Aucerius, Albaird Bergholm, and Elena.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on October 27 worldwide. Read more about the game here and here.

Watch the trailers below.

Midas Felgreed Trailer



Nina Deforges Trailer



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