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#Spirit Halloween Will Keep All 1,400 Stores Open Despite Health Concerns

#Spirit Halloween Will Keep All 1,400 Stores Open Despite Health Concerns

Spirit Halloween has revealed that all 1,400 of their stores will be opening back up. Halloween is still months away, but there are people that take the annual event very seriously, which means planning ahead is a must. The world’s current events have put into question whether or not Halloween will even be able to happen this year. As it stands now, businesses are already starting to shut down again in certain cities that have seen spikes in the past few weeks. Spirit Halloween assures they will be here to help keep people positive. They had this to say on social media.

Spirit Halloween has yet to reveal their safety protocols, but one can imagine it will involve social distancing and masks, along with limiting the amount of people coming into the stores. Masks and other items more than likely will not be available to be tried on, though that is pure speculation at this point. For now, it’s too early to tell, but are people really going to want to try on masks in a store?

With Spirit on a crusade to save Halloween 2020, it brings up all types of questions about what this year will look like when October rolls around. People already don’t like wearing masks, so are they going to want to where a monster mask? Will Halloween be the perfect social gathering since everybody will have to wear masks to begin with? Will kids be able to go door to door and get candy?

Christopher Nolan is trying to save the movie business this summer with the release of Tenet. However, the release date has already been pushed back more than once and now we’re looking at an August release. Many are wondering if the August date is even realistic with more cases piling up all over California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and others. August is a lot closer to October, so we should have a pretty good idea if Spirit Halloween will be able to save the day.

Even if Halloween 2020 is cancelled, people can still head out and support Spirit by buying a costume for next year. Regardless, this year has seen its fair share of craziness and Halloween getting canceled wouldn’t be the least bit surprising. When mac and cheese is oozing from a tap and people are swimming in dumpsters, anything can happen. So, let’s hope Spirit Halloween is able to complete their goal, or at the very least bring some much-needed smiles to some faces. You can check out the official announcement above, thanks to the Spirit Halloween Twitter account.

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