#Max Rose turns down Working Families ballot line vs. Nicole Malliotakis

“Max Rose turns down Working Families ballot line vs. Nicole Malliotakis”

Thanks, but no thanks. That’s what former Brooklyn-Staten Island Congressman Max Rose has told the left-wing Working Families Party about running on its ballot line in his rematch with Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.

This time around, the Democrat, who is vying to reclaim his old NY-11 seat from the woman who ousted him two years ago, won’t accept help from the lefty political party despite having taken its ballot line in the past.

“It’s clear that WFP and I are not aligned on every issue due to my opposition to defunding the police and belief that bipartisanship is still possible and the best way to govern — which is why they endorsed my primary endorsement,” he told The Post. 

“So, I will not be taking their line or their endorsement.”

Rose handily defeated his Democratic socialist primary foe, fellow veteran Brittany DeBarros Ramos, securing 75% of the vote in the Aug. 23 primary election borne out of the state’s controversial redistricting mess.

While WFP-endorsed Ramos could’ve run on the party’s line against Rose as a third-party candidate, the WFP has since filed a declination to remove her from the ballot.

That means Rose could have picked up an endorsement from the WFP and run on its ballot line in addition to being the official Democratic Party nominee — in hopes that he would attract enough additional votes.

Rep. Max Rose will not appear on the Working Families party ballot in his congressional race this November.
Ex-Rep. Max Rose will not appear on the Working Families Party ballot in his congressional race this November.
Paul Martinka

He ran on the WFP’s line in 2018 during a blue wave year, but not in 2020 when he was unseated by Malliotakis.

But this time around, he’s making the calculation that affiliation with the anti-cop, pro-bail reform party could hurt him more than help him in the largely moderate to conservative district. 

“It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t for any Democrat in NY-11,” said GOP City Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island.

“On one hand, it will rally your base, which you need, but on the other hand, socialism goes over like a steaming bag of poo in the overwhelming majority of the district.” 

Rose is looking to reclaims his seat from current Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.
Rose is looking to reclaim his seat from Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.
Lev Radin/Sipa USA

Democrats are hoping to dash Republican hopes of retaking Congress in light of controversial US Supreme Court decisions like overturning Roe v. Wade and removing the ban on New York’s concealed carry laws.

But Rose’s chances in the district that favored former President Donald Trump in 2020 — scoring 53.8% of the vote compared to former Vice President Joe Biden’s 46.2% — are likely too weak to score a victory.

Initially, Democrats redrew NY-11’s lines to favor Rose, adding in liberal parts of Brooklyn like Park Slope.

But the courts struck down the plan, determining the party illegally gerrymandered New York’s districts to favor Democrats.

Rose said he does not agree with the Working Family Party on defunding the police.
Rose said he does not agree with the Working Families Party on defunding the police.
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

A special master then redrew the district’s borders by removing the pro-Democrat parts of Brooklyn and  keeping it largely the same — likely being pro-Malliotakis and making Rose the underdog in the race.

Plus some New York Democrats — like Mayor Eric Adams — have tried to steer away from the defund movement in light of the city’s crime wave.

“It’s good to see Max do the right thing for once after he embraced the WFP’s anti-taxpayer anti-police line in 2018,” Malliotakis told The Post in a statement.

“Now, if he would also renounce the endorsements he received from the council members who voted to defund the NYPD and state legislators who voted for the disastrous bail law, we might actually believe he was sincere.”

While WFP spokesman Ravi Batra confirmed to The Post there have been preliminary talks with Rose’s campaign, he said the decision — for now — is to keep the line blank. 

“Right now our plan is not to put anyone on the line,” he told The Post, explaining the party will keep the line blank “so there is no third-party candidate in what is going to be a competitive race.”

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