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#Malaysia To Screen Fate/Grand Order Solomon From November 11

#Malaysia To Screen Fate/Grand Order Solomon From November 11

Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon is set to hit Malaysian cinemas on November 11. The movie will screen exclusively at GSC outlets.

FGO Solomon is based on the final chapter of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game’s first arc, which sees humanity’s final Master Ritsuka, the Demi-Servant Mash, and the Chaldea organization attempting to save humanity. The movie premiered in Japan on July 30. 

GSC describes the movie as:

After battling their way through all seven Singularities, the Chaldea Security Organization has finally arrived at the endpoint of the Grand Order: The Final Singularity, Grand Temple of Time: Solomon. Now is the time to defeat the root of all evil, Solomon, the King of Mages. Now is the time to reclaim the future. With the final operation looming large, Romani Archaman considers the choices he will soon have to make, Mash Kyrielight dwells on life’s limitations, and Fujimaru prepares to receive a new Mystic Code. All their many encounters have led to this moment as Fujimaru and Mash at last embark on their final operation…

The returning staff from FGO Babylonia includes Toshifumi Akai as director, Takashi Takeuchi as lead character designer, Tomoaki Takase as character designer, Yurie Hama as chief animation director (previously animation director and assistant animation director), Hisayo Usui, Satoru Hirayanagi, and Minami Usui as art directors, and Keita Haga and Ryō Kawasaki as music composers. Kinoko Nasu is credited with the original script. 

New additions to the staff include Makaria’s Hiroshi Gōroku as one of the art directors and Shinya Matsui (Koikimo) as photography director.

Source: GSC Movies YouTube channel

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