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#Kid Cudi Wants To Host ‘SNL’ & Help Make ‘Funniest Episode Ever’

Kid Cudi is confident that he would not only be a great musical guest for Saturday Night Live but quite the host as well.

Taking to Twitter/X to make the declaration on Monday (February 19), Cudi asserted that he is “beyond qualified” for the gig.

“Dear SNL, I am beyond qualified to host and be musical guest on the show. My line is always open,” he wrote with a smiley face and prayer emoji.

When a fan replied, “I know the skits would be craaaazy. I know you’ve probably got a million ideas lol. I pray one day it happens brother,” Cudi added, “So many ideas. I am help [sic] bent on doin the funniest episode ever.”

While he got his career started in the music space, Kid Cudi has made quite a lot of headway in the film and TV space as well. In fact, earlier this year he was nominated for his first-ever Emmy in the Best Animated Program category for his Netflix special, Entergalactic.

In December, it was announced that the Cleveland native has been tapped to star in and produce renowned animated shorts creator Jeron Braxtonan’s directorial debut, which is set in a dystopian future.

Deadline reported that the rapper/actor will appear in a new animated monster movie titled Slime, which will also feature writing from Brian Ash, co-executive producer of The BoondocksBlack Dynamite: The Animated Series and Freaknik: The Musical.

The film, which is being co-produced by Cudi’s Mad Solar production company, will follow Muna, an optimistic young woman who has fallen on hard times and signs up for a paid medical trial. After unknowingly being injected with an unspecified creature’s slime, she’s subjected to trippy visions and develops uncontrollable powers.

Eventually becoming the prey herself, in a desperate move of self-preservation Muna kidnaps Glenn (Kid Cudi), a lab worker from the mega-corporation who experimented on her. Together, they venture off into the unknown in search of a cure.

In a statement, Cudi said: “I’m always looking for what’s new and always trying to elevate what we know about music, film, TV, and animation. Jeron is a powerhouse creative at the forefront of culture, pushing boundaries with everything he does.

“I’m grateful to have him on the team and am ready to see him bring Slime to life. Mad Solar, we here.”

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