#Here’s what a ‘minimalist’ Lamborghini supercar looks like… and I can’t stop staring

“Here’s what a ‘minimalist’ Lamborghini supercar looks like… and I can’t stop staring”

If you had to describe a Lamborghini car in 5 words, I assure you neither of them would be ‘minimal’. The raging-bull Italian luxury car brand is known for building some of the edgiest, most aggressive-looking cars (and even yachts) but they’re all built on the principles of creating automobiles that look like they can dominate. This often means angular surfaces that create aggressive light and shadows, edges that look sharp, and an overall silhouette that looks like a crouching predator. The Lamborghini Ravietta concept, however, is a deviation from this standard. Designed by Cesar Olivera, who wanted to bring the bare-basics style of ‘brutalism’ to Lamborghini’s automotive design, the Ravietta is a slick beast, with form that seems to elevate Lamborghini’s DNA to a new level.

Designer: Cesar Olivera

Most companies are adopting the ‘flat design’ trend with their logos and branding, and it seems like the Lamborghini Ravietta is carrying that forward into the actual design of the car itself. The concept visually celebrates some of Lamborghini’s classic cars like the Diablo and Murcielago (it has the rotary-phone rims from the Countach too), while bringing their simple, sleek surfacing into the future with more dynamic and exaggerated angles, and some of the thinnest headlights ever seen on a car!

The Ravietta sports a pair of razor-sharp Y-shaped headlights that are a hat tip to the Lamborghini Sian and Terzo Millennio, although the headlights blend right into the car’s surface edges, practically camouflaging when switched off and coming to life when the car’s started. Its taillights, interestingly, are built into the slab vents on the car’s rear, marking a deviation from the usual Y-shaped taillights seen on the rear fenders.

For Olivera, the Lamborghini Ravietta was a design exercise in blending some of Lamborghini’s most classic design details with a fresh, clean design aesthetic and some rather fascinating futuristic details like the forward-leaning rear-view cameras, and an overarching windscreen that extends all the way to the top, giving the rider a beautiful glass roof too.

“The Ravietta features a simple bone line, or crease, on the body side that goes from the front corner to the rear corner of the car, thus creating structure on the body,” Olivera mentioned to Carscoops in an interview. “The simple shape of the vehicle is split in half (top to bottom) in a dynamic manner to create a sense of motion, while the red finish on the lower part of the body highlights the stance and the aggressive nature of the design.”

The final result shows that even though minimalism and aggressive detailing, or minimalism and luxury automobiles don’t necessarily go hand in hand, there’s definitely a way to distill Lamborghini’s design DNA into something that’s simple to observe yet equally impactful. A minimalist Lambo… what a solid way to end 2022!


Sarang Sheth

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