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ATM receipt paper usage is continuously rising. The demand for ATM receipt paper rolls is also rising due to these added features. Now, you may accept deposits, transfer funds, issue tickets, and even postage stamps than to just distributing cash. There are numerous different ATM labels and types, each with unique sense marks, width, length, and core size requirements.

Have you ever wondered which paper is used in ATMs that makes transactions efficient? Here we will discuss the importance of paper used in ATM and banking operations.

Importance of Thermal Paper

Thermal paper rolls are used to create ATM receipts. They have a white, smooth, and soft texture. The remark on ATM paper is quick and simple to install and maintain.

With ATM paper, you can read the print clearly, and its coating protects it from fading even when it is in contact with moisture or oils.

However, because it provides quick and precise service, retailers utilize thermal printing for POS applications like grocery stores, gas stations, and ATMs. Compared to other printers, thermal printers are substantially faster. The thermal printhead’s heat causes the images to appear in milliseconds.

The most appropriate thermal printer paper will enable you to print the most precise and readable receipts possible, enhancing the client experience and giving a great first impression.

Also, you’ll need thermal printer paper for branding purposes because specific hues and patterns are connected to particular industries and can help you draw in the proper clients.

By choosing high-quality thermal printer paper, it will last for a longer duration. Additionally, you can also make appropriate receipts for any business owing to the variety of ATM receipt paper options and the ability to print receipts in several languages.

Why Thermal Paper Is Used in Banking?

You must be wondering why particularly thermal paper is used for banking transactions. Well. significantly, it guards against the possibility of fraud and theft. The paper used for ATM receipts is covered with a unique mix that embeds the picture without the use of ink. You can guarantee that the data on your receipts is entirely accurate and preserve the personal information contained therein by utilizing ATM receipt paper.

Types of ATM Paper Roll

There are several types of ATM receipt paper; it is divided as per the individual need, such as:

  • Low volume
  • Light Use
  • High-volume cash

Thermal paper roll: This kind of thermal printer paper is reasonable and environmentally friendly because it can be recycled or used again. ATM thermal paper rolls are offered in various widths and weights.

ATM receipt roll: Receipts with security features that vary in color when duplicated or tampered with. These are best fit for receipts for numerous transactions. They come in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors. These papers are a popular choice for companies that need to produce receipts with a high level of security. It is possible to incorporate almost any security feature into thermal ATM paper.


We have read a few hacks in the above blog that can help you revive faded receipts and the types of receipt paper.

ATM receipt paper Roll contains a number of perks such as fast to install, easy to maintain, clearly visual, etc., but most importantly, ATM receipts can help you to keep a record of your account balance. Its protective coating prevents the print from fading, even if it gets wet or oily.

Our ATM paper rolls are of high quality and at competitive prices. We believe in delivering quality products at a reasonable price. All varieties of thermal paper products are our area of expertise at Panda Paper Roll. Our team doesn’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. We provide it to our clients in order to assist them in making the optimal paper product choice for their particular business needs.

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