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#Did Sex/Life Star Sarah Shahi Leave Husband Of 11 Years For Her Huge-D**k Co-Star IRL?!

#Did Sex/Life Star Sarah Shahi Leave Husband Of 11 Years For Her Huge-D**k Co-Star IRL?!

As word of mouth — not to mention word of other things — continues to make Sex/Life one of Netflix‘s biggest hits ever, you may have heard some hot gossip — and we mean HOT — about the show’s behind-the-scenes relationship drama!

Word on the street is star Sarah Shahi spent time pretending to hook up with her onscreen ex Adam Demos — he of the huge penis closeup that we still don’t know is real or not — and couldn’t resist him IRL, leaving her husband in a total old school Hollywood cliché. Only with full frontal.

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Well, let’s take a look at the real story behind that little rumor, because — unlike the true story behind their steamy show, it’s probably not so salacious as all that.

Sarah was married to actor Steve Howey for 11 years. The two met way, way back on set — meaning she did fall for a co-star early on. If you recognize Howey, it’s probably for his decade-long role as Kevin on Shameless or for playing Van on the entire run of Reba. It was on the classic sitcom that Sarah guested back in 2004, and the sparks flew right away.

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi celebrating their engagement in 2009
Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi celebrating their engagement in 2009. / (c) Judy Eddy/WENN

The two were married in 2009 and wasted no time, having their first child, a son named William Wolf, later that same year, and a set of twins, Violet Moon and Knox Blue, in 2015.

As a couple they had their problems. Sarah said in a 2019 interview that they’d been “through hell” having been married so long. However, in that same interview she also dropped the golden nugget that she and the hunky TV star sometimes liked to switch things up with her wearing a strap-on:

“Every once in a while, a strap-on doesn’t hurt. I’m just saying. Why should I be the only one that takes? Sometimes I want to give!”

Yes, this was on daytime TV!

Well, that will provide quite the content for her own ex sex journal for Adam to read, won’t it? What a twist!

Despite all the *ahem* give-and-take, the relationship sadly came to an end, like so many relationships did, last year during lockdown.

In June 2020, they released a joint statement to Us Weekly, saying:

“After much thought and consideration, we have decided to end our marriage. We are so grateful for the past 10 years together and proud of our children that we’ve raised. As we enter into this new phase of our lives, our priority will remain coparenting our children with so much love, mutual respect and friendship. And though our relationship is changing, we are committed to continuing our lives as a loving family.”

That was in June. And we know Sarah and Adam met on the show. She told People about how their relationship got started:

“When I first met Adam, I was really blown away with him. We met in the makeup trailer and we just got on instantly.”

They met in the makeup trailer. Meaning when filming was starting. So when was that??

Well, according to everything we can find, the show was supposed to start filming in the Spring of 2020. And if that had actually happened, the timing of the divorce would look awfully suspicious. However, the production, like so many others, was delayed by the pandemic. They actually started filming in August, two months after Shahi and Howey had already announced their divorce.

So it looks like the Person of Interest alum was already single — and apparently ready to mingle — when she and her possibly well-hung Aussie started dating. And her divorce from Howey went smoothly and has already been finalized as of April. So if you’re only here for the scandal, nothing to see here.

Now, if you’re here to see something else, we can’t say we blame you…

Sex Life nude scene 2
(c) Netflix

[Image via Netflix/Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

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