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#Did Mina and AJ get married?

The Resident season 4 episode 4: Did Mina and AJ get married?

Tonight on The Resident season 4 episode 4, we had a chance to see Mina try to figure out her future — albeit in an unconventional way.

Early on in the episode, we learned that Mina was in danger of being deported due to new visa restrictions that went into place last year. She needed a solution, and the most practical one was simple: Asking for AJ’s hand in marriage. He loved her, and with that in mind, the decision was easy.

So what’s the problem? While the two may share feelings for one another, it seemed as though Mina was looking at this more as a business move, or a solution to a problem. AJ, meanwhile, wanted to plan out a whole romantic wedding in a short period of time. He was thinking at it more from the angle of love. These differing philosophies can work, but there needs to be all sorts of communication so they can feel where the other person is at. As of the halfway point of this episode, they hadn’t done that.

Yet, eventually the doors of communication started to open, and Mina recognized the mistake that she’d made asking him before she’d gone through and checked all of her options. There is no guarantee that she will find one that works, but she recognizes that marrying AJ for this reason isn’t the right way to go about things. With that being said, we had a wonderful moment between the two when she realized that AJ’s willingness to marry her immediately was a light-bulb in her brain. She’s now aware of how much she loves him.

As for other news, more doctors at Chastain know about Nic’s pregnancy — oh, and the hospital may be getting sold off in its entirety. Cliffhanger!

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