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#Death To Smoochy Is A Comedy Masterpiece That Deserves Reappraisal

“Death To Smoochy Is A Comedy Masterpiece That Deserves Reappraisal”

Many of the comedies I loved in my youth haven’t aged particularly well. The late 1990s and early 2000s used a lot of shock comedy, and many slurs we would never use today run rampant. Even PG-13 films like “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Never Been Kissed” have moments of homophobia, uses of slurs, and more that make them a little uncomfortable these days. 

In “Death to Smoochy,” there are no slurs and the characters who show discriminatory behavior are villainized for it. Randolph makes a few homophobic comments about Smoochy, but it’s clear that he’s grasping at straws and not a good man (and potentially he’s projecting some self-loathing about his own sexuality). Only one thing feels potentially icky — a character who is a former boxer and took too many hits to the head. He’s clearly suffering from some brain damage and behaves ridiculously, but he is very rarely the butt of the joke. Instead, he’s a sweet man who deserves kindness, and the joke is on the people who treat him as lesser. The only exception is when he announces to a restaurant full of people that he needs to take a poop, but hey, poop is funny

At its core, “Death to Smoochy” is about how the world is cruel and cold, and sometimes all we have is one another. Fame and fortune can be great things, but they definitely aren’t enough to make someone fulfilled. Whether you’re the sweet-natured Sheldon or the raunchy Randolph, just a moment of understanding and love can mean the world. The world needs more people like Sheldon Mopes, who see what really matters and offer empathy even to enemies. Love can make a dent. 

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