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#Daniel Craig Learned A Painful Lesson On His First Day As James Bond

“Daniel Craig Learned A Painful Lesson On His First Day As James Bond”

While some actors might hesitate to film such daring stunts on their own, Empire revealed that Craig himself actually did a significant chunk of the parkour — and paid dearly for it. When speaking about the pain he endured on set, Craig told Empire, “I learned from day one that it was gonna hurt … and the whole film really did hurt. But if I was hurting, the stunt guys were hurting ten times more than I was. I just had to suck it up and get on with it.”

Unfortunately, the pain on set wasn’t minor. Craig said that some stunts felt as though he was “being beaten round the head and neck with a stick.” He even told Empire that he managed to knock out a tooth cap on set, then continued filming for the rest of the day. While this probably wasn’t the kind of excitement that the actor was expecting when he signed on to play James Bond, in a way it was par for the course — on Roger Moore’s first day as James Bond, he managed to crash a boat and landed himself in the hospital. Regardless, one thing’s for sure: Craig’s commitment to pushing through pain certainly proved that he was prepared to give the role of James Bond his all.

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