#Comer: there’s ‘overwhelming evidence’ Biden’s involved in Hunter’s business dealings

Congressman James Comer (R-Ky.) said he thinks there is “overwhelming evidence” that President Biden is involved in his son Hunter Biden’s business schemes.

Comer is the Chair of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, which held its first hearing Thursday to weigh evidence into impeaching Biden.

“There’s overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden was involved in all of these shady business schemes. That’s a problem. That’s a threat to our national security,” Comer said on Fox News Thursday. “We’re going to continue to move forward and follow the money.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) launched an impeachment inquiry into Biden after Republicans alleged the president and his son profited from foreign business deals.

Comer said the evidence the committee does have includes bank wires that show “Biden took $20 million from foreign nationals in at least five different countries.”

“They can’t say one thing they did to earn that $20 million,” Comer said. “We also have evidence that they started 20 shell companies. They used these shell companies to receive the wires from the foreign nationals.”

Comer said on Thursday that he signed the subpoena for Biden’s personal bank accounts because, unlike Hunter Biden, the president “has flown under the radar because, quite frankly, he didn’t leave a laptop laying around.”

Each of the witnesses testifying during the hearing said that there was not enough evidence yet to impeach Biden.

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