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#Boosie Badazz Reenacts His Relative Stealing From Him: ‘Did I Nail It?’

“Boosie Badazz Reenacts His Relative Stealing From Him: ‘Did I Nail It?’”

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Boosie Badazz has continued poking fun at the relative who he alleges robbed him of $10,000, sharing a video in which he reenacts the theft.

The Baton Rouge rapper shared a post on Instagram Friday (November 25) in which he could be seen tiptoeing from his kitchen into another room, then exiting the room as though nothing had happened.

“TIP -TOE BANDIT CHALLENGE WINNER GETS 1k LOOK AT @_.boosieboymunchie STUPID ASS,” he caption the post, tagging a private Instagram account that presumably belongs to relative in question.


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In a separate post, Boosie Badazz reposted the reenactment along with actual footage of the original incident from his security camera.

Just days earlier, the Baton Rouge rapper revealed that two people close to him took $10,000 from an upcoming artist and promised them a Boosie verse – but never gave him the money.

“N-gga, you know what you stole,” he began the video. “N-gga y’all act like y’all would get a verse from me, took 10,000 from a n-gga. Come on man! You took 10,000 from a n-gga, a n-gga come back a year later and gon’ ask me, ‘Where my verse at?’ N-gga you started all this shit, you and Lil Mel. Come on man! Only thing is I ain’t catch you yet.

He continued on, revealing that one half of the duo even admitted what they did. “You thought you had a free 10 grand, cuh. Let’s keep it real, n-gga,” Boosie said. “You know you not like that. Lil Mel confessed! Lil Mel said, ‘I did that. I can’t take that back.’”

On the music side, Boosie Badazz recently announced he’s working on a joint album with T.I., with an accompanying reality TV series called Raw Ass Kids that will co-star their respective sons, Tootie Raww and King Harris.

During a recent interview with Fat Joe, Boosie claimed the album will be better than Drake and 21 Savage’s No. 1 album, Her Loss.

“I heard Drake and 21 album, it’s hard, but I don’t think it’s harder than our album,” he asserted. “It’s Rubber Band Man and Badazz. This shit different.”

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