#Anker Teases Its Biggest And Most Capable Power Station Yet – Review Geek

“Anker Teases Its Biggest And Most Capable Power Station Yet – Review Geek”

Anker 767 Power Station

Portable power stations are one of the best gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts or in emergencies like a power outage. And while we loved the big Anker 757 Powerhouse I reviewed earlier this year, Anker just started teasing something even better.

Now, the company is getting ready to release its biggest power station yet, and the world’s first portable power station and solar generator powered by GaNPrime technology. We’re talking about the all-new Anker 767 PowerHouse that will deliver 2,400W of power thanks to a massive 2,048Wh battery.

A portable power station is a small cooler-sized battery pack full of ports allowing you to power and charge everything from phones, laptops, drones, refrigerators, fans, an electric grill, heated blankets, medical equipment, and more.

Anker’s next machine will be ready for anything, thanks to a huge battery, fast charging, tons of ports, and even a 30A RV outlet. We’re assuming the sizeable 2,048Wh battery will be LiFePO4 like the 757, but Anker hasn’t shared too many details on its new PowerHouse charger.

However, we see the new Anker 767 packs at least twelve different ports, including four regular AC outlets, the 30A RV plug, two 12V cigarette ports, two USB-A, and three USB-C PD fast charging ports. Plus, there could be more on the other side. Additionally, it looks like Anker is finally adding Bluetooth support to its power stations, which should give users additional controls and connectivity options.

Anker 767 features

This is Anker’s first PowerHouse with GaNPrime technology, allowing faster charging speeds, improved efficiency, and better power management. Again, this thing looks ready to handle everything, and it can even be used as a UPS power supply, with sine-wave constant power with a sub-20ms switchover time that’s safe to use with your computer, appliances, or CPAP machine.

You’ll also notice a built-in LED light, wheels for improved portability, and a built-in suitcase-style handle to help users roll it around the campsite. It’ll be heavy, that’s for sure.

The new Anker 767 Powerhouse features fast charging from a wall outlet, not to mention up to 1000W input for solar charging. That way, you can top it off at home or while off-grid. And finally, Anker will offer an optional “760 Expansion Battery” capable of doubling the capacity to 4096Wh, similar to its EcoFlow competition, giving users more ways to prepare for any situation.

Again, we still don’t know much about the new Anker 767 PowerHouse, but according to the website, the company will share more details on November 14th.

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