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#4 major questions for grown-ish Season 3, Part 2

4 major questions for grown-ish Season 3, Part 2

Grown-ish Cast

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grown-ish has some major questions to answer in the rest of Season 3

The TV series grown-ish first premiered on Freeform in early 2018 and has generally received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The teen drama focuses on Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) from the ABC series black-ish heading off into adulthood and college by herself at Cal U. The show offers a fresh perspective on college life and the decisions that many students must face during their four years in attendance.

Throughout the series, we see Johnson deal with moments of learning, as she deals with friends, romance, school, jobs, and dilemmas. The series also has a diverse cast that features fellow college students Luca Hall (Luka Sabbat), Ana Torres (Francia Raisa), Vivek Shah (Jordan Buhat), and Sky Forster (Halle Bailey) among others.

Season 3 of the show premiered on January 16, 2020, and has eight episodes so far. The first half of the season ended on March 5 with a cliffhanger due to a major decision made by Zoey. The series is confirmed to release more episodes for Season 3 and has been renewed for Season 4.

The COVID-19 induced production halts will affect when the new episodes release though, likely at some point in 2021. For fans of the show, there are certainly some questions that need to be answered in the second half of Season 3.

What will become of Zoey’s decision?

In the grown-ish Season 3 midseason finale, Zoey made the major decision to drop out of Cal U and focus on her job as a stylist. The verdict seemed a bit uncalled for, as she leaves her friends before senior year and now puts everything on the line in terms of advancing in her career.

Part 2 of Season 3 will likely show the ramifications of the decision, and Zoey could possibly deal with adversity in terms of living life outside of college and not being with her close friends.

Will she ultimately regret it and return? Will she thrive and make a name for herself? This is easily the biggest question we have.

How will Jazz and Doug taking a break affect them?

In the grown-ish midseason finale, Jazz (Chloe Bailey) decides she wants to take a break from her relationship with Doug (Diggy Simmons) while she focuses on her training for half-a-year. Nevertheless, six months is a long time, so it remains to be seen how each will deal with the pause from their relationship.

Could it create a gap between them? Will it make them more invested when they get back together?

What will happen with Aaron and Zoey?

Aaron (Trevor Jackson) and Zoey always find a way to make things interesting. If it’s not kissing before she is about to head off overseas in the Season 2 finale, then it’s kissing before she is about to leave Cal U “for good” in the Season 3 midseason finale.

Aaron kissing Zoey to end the midseason was HUGE. Now that she is leaving, how will both go about their lives? Will they want to see each other more despite not going to the same school anymore? Was it simply a spur-of-the-moment smooch? It seems like déjà vu considering this has happened before and then the two won’t know how to define their relationship.

And to top it off, Aaron was the one who had a conversation with her in the midseason finale that led to this decision to leave Cal U in the first place (though it was not his intention to have this happen).

Aaron and Zoey’s relationship throughout the show has been anything but simple. If fans want to see (enter Aaron and Zoey’s shipped name here) together, then it could really be a long-distance type thing (if it happens at all).

Nomi’s having the baby, so what will happen?

The final moment of Season 3, Episode 8 showed Nomi (Emily Arlook) telling Zoey that her water broke and she was having the baby! With that cliffhanger, viewers must wait to see how Nomi and the baby are doing and how her life has changed now that she is a mother.

Are you looking forward to grown-ish Season 3, Part 2?


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