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#Young Thug Sparks Fan Concern After Looking 'Defeated' During RICO Trial

“Young Thug Sparks Fan Concern After Looking 'Defeated' During RICO Trial”

Young Thug Sparks Fan Concern After Looking 'Defeated' During RICO Trial

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Young Thug’s “defeated” courtroom appearance has sparked concern among fans, with many praying for the YSL rapper to hang in there amidst his ongoing RICO case.

In a courtroom video that circulated on Twitter on Wednesday (January 25), Thugga can be seen hunched over his desk with a mask dangling below his nose as he rests his head on the table. The video ushered in numerous reactions from fans, with many offering their prayers for the Atlanta native.

“Praying for Young Thug. For forgiveness and for his health,” wrote one fan. “For his well-being and for the best possible outcome. Im genuinely sad for him in this situation and I hope that the accusations against him are false.”

Another fan added in a tweet that the video “broke my heart.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, YSL co-founder Mondo shed light on Young Thug’s mindset during the RICO trial, saying the rapper remains optimistic but is “disappointed” about certain things that have transpired during his case.

“I’ve been talking to Mama Thug, I’ve been talking to his sisters. Thug is keeping a good spirit and keeping his head up, but certain stuff he’s just disappointed about,” he said, although he didn’t go into specifics.

Close collaborators Metro Boomin and Lil Baby have also given positive updates on Thug’s mental wellbeing since he was arrested last May.

“I be talking to him, he’s blessed man,” Metro said on DJ Drama’s The Streetz Iz Watching podcast last week. “Anybody know Slime know he got a heart of gold but he got the heart of a warrior at the same time, so he got his head up.”

The YSL leader has suffered a string of bad luck recently as jury selection for his upcoming RICO trial continues. Earlier this month, Thug and one of his 13 co-defendants were accused of exchanging drugs while court was in session.

In a motion filed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on January 19, Khalieff Adams allegedly handed Thug a single Percocet pill in the middle of court proceedings, with the entire incident being captured on closed-circuit cameras inside the Fulton County Superior Courthouse.

Following the exchange, a Fulton County Sherriff’s deputy asked Thugga to open his hand to reveal the pill. The deputy then attempted to search his co-defendant, who initially resisted and was allegedly tased multiple times. The deputy found additional Percocet pills, marijuana, tobacco and other unspecified contraband hidden on his person.

That was the second time a defendant in the YSL trial has been accused of attempting to smuggle contraband.

On January 17, YSL rapper Yak Gotti’s mother was also arrested after she allegedly attempted to pass a bag filled with tobacco products and rolling papers to her son at the Fulton County Courthouse.

These fiascos are just the latest hiccups to occur during jury selection. Thug’s lawyer Brian Steele previously claimed that another potential juror had attempted to reach out to him via email. While the contents of the message weren’t disclosed during the hearing, it was enough for the judge to order an investigation.

Check out more reactions to Young Thug’s viral courtroom moment below:

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