#You Can Now Watch Xfinity TV on Apple TV

“You Can Now Watch Xfinity TV on Apple TV”

Xfinity on Apple TV

Comcast Xfinity normally uses a cable connection for TV access, but the company does have an ‘Xfinity Stream‘ app for watching TV over the internet instead. Now the app is finally available on Apple TV streaming devices.

Xfinity Stream is an application for iPhone and iPad, Android, Amazon Fire devices, Roku, and other smart TVs that plays live TV and cloud recordings. You still need to be an Xfinity TV customer to use the app, but it doesn’t need a direct cable connection like a traditional cable box. That makes it a great option for TVs not located near a cable hookup, or mobile devices that only have Wi-Fi in the first place.

Surprisingly, the Xfinity Stream app was not available on Apple TV devices (not to be confused with Apple TV+, the streaming service), even though Comcast said nearly a year ago that it was on the way. At long last, the app is available for the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV is the first platform to get the “redesigned Stream app,” which is coming to other platforms soon. Comcast says the updated version can “simplify content discovery through editorial recommendations along with a personalization algorithm that allows customers to continue watching their favorite shows and movies across platforms and devices.”

Xfinity Stream image on the TV tab
The current Xfinity Stream app on Roku Comcast/Xfinity

Judging by the single screenshot, it looks like some of the controls and tabs have been moved to the left side of the screen, like the TV app for HBO Max and other services. There’s no specific timeline on when the Xfinity Stream apps will receive the new design on other platforms.

Source: Business Wire

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