#Yankees, Mets adding May games to awkward refund policy

Yankees, Mets adding May games to awkward refund policy

June 3, 2020 | 12:03pm | Updated June 3, 2020 | 12:14pm

Three days into June, the Yankees and Mets finally acknowledged that their May home games will not be made up in any way, shape or form.

You’re still going to have to break a sweat for that refund, though.

On Wednesday, both New York baseball teams released statements on their team websites announcing the addition of May games to their “Impacted” list, which previously included games scheduled for March and April. With this move, the Yankees and Mets caught up to the Red Sox, among other major-league teams, who had notated the May games as impacted back on April 29.

Whereas the Red Sox utilized refunds as the default option, however — their ticket-buyers automatically received their money back unless they proactively chose another option such as credit or an exchange — the Subway Series rivals won’t make it that easy on their customers.

Yankees supporters must go toward the bottom of the relevant page, under “Other Options,” where they can learn, “For more information and other options, including a refund, please contact your New York Yankees ticket representative or visit your Ticketmaster account, as applicable.”

Mets patrons should also look down to “Additional Information,” where they will see a link to submit for a May refund. The Mets reiterated their warning from late April, “All ticket refunds will result in the forfeiture of bonus credit and priority ticket access.” It’s possible that people who are economically hurting, with New York state’s unemployment level at its highest since the Great Depression, might not let the loss of priority ticket access deter them from wanting their money back.


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