#Woman’s ‘human hamster wheel’ workout will make you feel lazy in quarantine

#Woman’s ‘human hamster wheel’ workout will make you feel lazy in quarantine

June 9, 2020 | 5:50pm

Lockdown has her climbing the walls.

Pilates instructor Niki Carr, 27, who boasts nearly 31,000 Instagram followers, is staying fit sans studio by using her house as a jungle gym. The fitness instructor uses doorways, banisters and baseboards for her impressive moves — including a mesmerizing routine she dubbed the “Human Hamster Wheel.”

In the video, an overalls-clad Carr swivels her body, legs balanced on the wall, to create an impressive slow-mo somersault atop her kitchen counter in her home in London.

Chairs and couches feature as support beams for her jaw-dropping acrobatics, which she writes, “challenge your balance, strength and coordination.” Although gyms are releasing their reopening plans after the coronavirus lockdown, Carr and others are perhaps getting a little too used to their at-home routines.

“Real Housewives of New York City’s” Leah McSweeney, Kerry Washington, and Britney Spears have been sharing their yoga seshes and weight-lifting routines with fans. And for non-A-listers, there’s been an explosion of fitness apps, high-tech equipment like Peloton, and virtual classes held by blue-chip trainers that require no equipment whatsoever.

But the pandemic has brought the resurgence of retro fitness wares such as roller skates, ankle weights and the at-home workout tape. VHS kickboxing king Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo, has returned to the big screen with a series called “In the Living Room With Billy Banks” to stave off quarantine weight gain.

Even essential workers on the clock have found a way to get in a DIY sweat — one Amazon delivery worker was caught on camera delivering boxes and sneaking in some pushups and leg lifts before continuing on his route.

Of course, if you’re wary of rock climbing down your own hallway, you can always use Cardi B’s trick to get a summer bod in seconds: The “Bodak Yellow”-rapper posted a video on Instagram posing in a bikini, holding in her stomach to create a slimming effect. She captioned the clip, “Suck it in life.”


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