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#Woman Gets Revenge For 8 YEARS On Man Who Insulted & Spat On Her Friend!

OMG this pesto thing is really bringing out the wildest stories!

If you haven’t seen, a girl on TikTok set up a #stitch prompt saying how crazy it was she’s never liked store-bought pesto — and since then folks have been pairing that oh-so-mild take with their SCORCHERS! The latest to go viral?

A user named Lindasolleyhurd recounted the story on Monday of a time she and her friends were out at a comedy show 15 years ago when they were still in college, and a man was so gross to her BFF that she has been getting revenge on him for YEARS!

“My friend, when she stood up at the end of it, accidentally knocked her chair into the guy behind her and spilled his drink all over him. He stands up and calls her a ‘stupid, fat bitch’ — which categorically was not true — and he was not hearing her apology.”

Not only was he rude as hell about the accident, he then SPAT on her! Linda says while her friend rushed to the bathroom to clean it up, she screamed in the guy’s face over the assault — because yes, spitting is assault — but it wasn’t until the next morning when she found a way to truly get back at him.

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If you’re a big prestige TV fan, you may want to sit down…

“The next day, I find this guy on Facebook… and see that he’s obsessed with Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. This was back when the shows were airing, and you’d get one a week — and you’d do anything to avoid the spoilers.”

Oh… oh no… You can probably see where this is going. Linda became an avatar of vengeance online, creating fake FB accounts to SPAM this man with spoilers for his favorite shows. Anything she could find online as early as possible, often before the shows even aired.

“He would make these rage-filled statuses and tweets, ‘WHO IS SENDING ME THIS?’ And he’d block ’em, I’d just pop back up and send him another one. It was so much fun.”

This is a new level of petty, and we are LIVING FOR IT. Let us not forget, this man spat on her friend. He launched his spit onto her face.

Anyway, she stopped after a couple months as she was “over the grudge” — but then she ended up randomly getting assigned into a class with him! And he was such a trash guy she started up again! Only he was being more careful online — so she had to find his Reddit!

But after that class she let it go again, for another eight years. She wasn’t thinking about the man in all that time. But then… Oh, man, this jerk’s luck… He got engaged to an acquaintance of hers! A “friend of a friend” to whom she refers as “an angel.” She had to do something.

So she tracked down his Reddit and found he was still active. And still disgusting. In fact, she says, he was posting disgusting stuff ABOUT HIS FIANCÉE! “Stuff that if it was your partner you’d want to know” as she put it. So she uses one of those old fake accounts to anonymously send the girl screenshots of the most “sinister” stuff. And sure enough, upon seeing his true colors, the woman broke off the engagement! The fiancée ended up with a great guy, btw, Linda checked. And she got her permission to post about it, too.

Wow. This man had a secret gremlin ruining his life, and he had NO IDEA! The moral of this story, kids? Be nice! If for no other reason than the person you’re being a jerk to one day might just end up being the most petty, vengeful person in the entire world! LOLz!

Our question is, would YOU do this? How far have you gone to get revenge for a friend’s mistreatment? Let us know in the comments and see Linda’s story for yourself (below)!


#stitch with @Susi this is genuinely unhinged. And i do have permission from his ex to share this.

♬ original sound – Lindasolleyhurd

[Image via Lindasolleyhurd/TikTok/The Walking Dead/YouTube.]

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