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#Why the magical Shadow Demons Saga is perfect for Netflix

#Why the magical Shadow Demons Saga is perfect for Netflix


Netflix excels in fantasy series and would be the perfect home for the Shadow Demons

Many old and new fantasy series have found a home at Netflix. The streaming giant has hits like the original Charmed, The Order, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on its virtual shelves, and there is no shortage of viewers for Always a Witch and the Good Witch. And Netflix keeps bringing more dark fantasy to the table. Shadow Demons needs to be in its plans.

Young adult fantasy is especially popular which is why Netflix would be the perfect place for the Shadow Demons Saga, written by prolific author, Sarra Cannon. Consisting of ten novels so far, the saga began in 2010, and, Cannon has two more novels planned to complete the series. In addition, she has written additional stories that flesh out the characters.

Based upon a teenage girl who’s been kicked out of several foster homes, Shadow Demons is the story of Harper Madison’s struggle to find a place to fit in and her discovery of the person she truly is. Blessed (or some might say cursed) with powers that make her special to Peachville High, especially the cheerleading squad, Harper faces attacks against her life, betrayal, and the knowledge of her connection to ancient magic.

The Shadow Demons saga gives Netflix plenty of stories

As the series progresses, Cannon introduces readers to a formidable world that would come to life on the screen. And with the right cast, Shadow Demons would be a draw for the thousands upon thousands of readers eagerly awaiting the next installment in this addictive series.

If that isn’t enough, Cannon has written a spin-off series set in the same world with different characters. Sacrifice Me consists of three books (or episodes as they are labeled) which total almost 1,000 pages of vampires, demons, witches, and shapeshifters. So there is virtually no way to run out of material.

The Shadow Demons Saga is the perfect fit for Netflix. It’s a world of dark secrets, battles, and ancient rituals could be epic on screen.

Would you watch the Shadow Demons Saga if it were adapted? Who would you want to play the main characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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